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  1. According to the trainer from the dog school , Spike is very attached to me so he doesn't like it when I give him space. So last day he was upset about the tick and I gave him space. He was upset afterwards so I had to give him a good scratch and he slept on my feet. I know, I know ,... Some people don't think it a good idea to let the dog sleep with them. But I have cold I don't punish him for growling but he learnt to trust me so he doesn't growl as much as puppy times. He doesn't protect his food, toys , ... I can handle his paws, but only me. Brushing, washing is only me too. I have children so I need Spike to growl for everyone safety. I don't want a dog that doesn't warn when someone bothers him. And Spike is a great dog. He warned me and, even upset , he only put his muzzle around my hand. I didn't even feel his teeth in my hand. I have still work to get him to trust me to help him with these situations. But no treats seems good enough in these situations. I have tried peanut butter (he hates that), hummus, dog treats, chicken,... Even steak!!
  2. He growls every time that someone tries to pull something from his coat, when he is in pain and someone tries to check where it hurts, ... He was much worse as puppy. Honestly all his brothers and sisters had some kind of stubborn growly behaviour. After puppy school, obedience classes, tricks class he is much improved but there is way to go (specially with other people ).I am not sure what consequences I can put in place apart from giving him space which he hates enormously.
  3. good news!! I tricked him today into letting me see the wound . He forgot about the wound and he loves to get scratched so I got lucky and I could see before he noticed that I was after the wound and got growly. I am not happy with the wound (stupid tick) but it doesn´t look infected or swollen. Spike isn´t a peanut butter kind of dog . He is a hummus kind of dog . I should train the muzzle more because I do it only when I need it now. So he knows that the muzzle means something unpleasant. Now it takes a lot of hummus to get him in the muzzle.
  4. Thank you for the tips! He is muzzle train-ish. Normally I have to hold a treat at the other end to get the muzzle in. But I got the muzzle too early away after taking the tick and he didn´t let me get it back . The vet is scared of him , even with the muzzle on. Last time I asked her to check his nails and the show that she made was ridiculous. At the end of it she cut the tip of the nail blind without checking and after 1 nail I asked her to stop. I don´t understand what it happened to her because she was never scared of him before and Spike didn´t misbehave until she started to act in panic around him. So she is my last resort now. I tried to find a new vet but I am afraid that she is the best my city has to offer. The desensitize training is going to be an answer. Maybe not for this wound but long term speaking I really need to do it. Yesterday he came after a while to cuddle. He hates it when I give him space after an episode of growling, but he growls at everyone when he is in pain or with a tick ( which I suppose it hurts him too)
  5. I have just arrived home and my father tells me ,first thing, that Spike has a tick on his neck since this morning . He waited for me because nobody dares to do it except me, even our vet is scared of him. So I got him the tick out with a lot of effort and half box of hummus. But the tick was really difficult to get . When I removed , I thought I saw really red skin. My problem is when I tried to check the wound he started to growl and went for my hand. He did not bite or even scratch my skin. He made the movement but he stopped short of it . Now he is upset. I cannot look at or cure the wound. But I am a bit worried . The seresto band isn´t working this year. It is the 4th tick that I remove in a short period of time. And every removal is a drama . Plus the knowledge that the vet has become so scared of his growling that she won´t check even his nails. So Has someone a great trick to get a look or cure wounds? And knows something that will work against ticks? I will not survive the summer if I have to remove one tick every week.
  6. I had to know it . He is sick . I have called the vet after he started with diarrhea and he vomited his food with some yellow bile . The vet said to stay calm and wait . As long as he eats and drinks there is no reasons for panic. Of course, I am home panicking but she doesn need to know that
  7. I´m not sure about taking his temperature . His nose feels normal. He ate his food this evening , he got his zoomies when it rained, he chased the cat of the neightbours away, ... And he went back to this quiet , calm, weird state. Now he is resting next to me on the sofa.
  8. My 2 year old BC is acting quiet calm today , not pulling during the walk, not jumping on my daughter when she came home, not trying to steal food from the kitchen,.., He is behaving too well so I am worried that he is sick. He ate today from my hand because he is like that everytime he has a period of my dad spoiling him and he is drinking ( inside!! ) I am worried about him being sick . Weird as it sounds I miss my hyperkinetic , stubborn, noisy dog Should I go to the vet ? Or am I overreacting?
  9. Yesterday night I came to the room with my daughter (12 years) scared of her loved BC and a complete calmed dog. Our BC ,as a puppy tended to growl and nip when he didn't get what he wanted but after many hours in the dog school he has become a sweet nice dog . Complete trust worthy with children. Not so much with some dogs. Last night , as many nights, he started jumping a blanket of my daughter. He is not castrated and he gets excited about some blankets, sometimes. I corrected him by telling him to stop . Normally after one or two times he stops. But last night , after I left the room to get something, I heard a short growl and aggressive barking . And I run to the room and my scared daughter told me that she tried to stop him from bumping her blanket by taking him from his fur, he growled (so she let go immediately) and when she did, he showed teeth and bited her T-shirt. That sounds as his old puppy behaviour . I know the owners of his brothers are having these kind of issues but I thought he had learned better. My daughter blames herself and asks me what she did wrong and why he got angry with her. I don't know if this is isolated or I should worry. He is almost 2 years.
  10. Spike is scared of little dogs. He makes a fool of himself every time we see an chihuahua. He goes crazy for birds too. He likes to jump on the bed but he doesn't jump directly from the ground. He wants to jump from the futton to the bed. So he sits in the futton crying until someone moves his futton next to the bed. if he hears the word "walk" , he follows me everywhere. Even if it was someone else who said it. The whole family thinks it's hilarious how he hears "walk" and stares at me with his head slighly turned. I am getting a lot of walking thanks to them . He is adorable and difficult to resist
  11. Today the stubborn puppy is finally eating his food. Yesterday he ate a bit of it but not much and today he ate, not all, but most of it.
  12. Thanks for the answers. I wasn't comparing my BC to my son, just explaining why I may be behaving like an idiot. But I am going to try to control myself. I will let you know how it goes.
  13. I have a 15 months old BC . He ate normally until 1 year but he became a picky eater when I changed from puppy food to adult food. I bought the same kind of food but the adult version. At the beginning he ate if I mixed the dry food with fresh meat. Now he eats only if I feed him by hand a mix of dry food and fresh. I tried to stop by placing the food , wait 15 minutes and take it away but after 4 days of not eating he won and I went back to hand-feeding. I know it's my fault and I made it worse by letting him win after 4 days . Today I am starting again and my question is how long can I hold it before I should worry that he is not eating??? He is a very active dog. Should I limit his exercise as long as he is not eating ? Or the opposite ? I am just afraid of him getting sick. I suppose because my son has ASS and he can literally stop eating until he gets sick.
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