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  1. Here are a few pictures from her 6 month photo shoot. She did a lot better than I was expecting. The picture of her with her tongue out pretty much sums up her personality and feelings towards the shoot, lol
  2. Here are some updated pictures of Anzley. She is now 6 months and full of personality. She has been working as a service dog and has a HUGE fan base at work, lol.
  3. Thank you!! Do you have a tri-red too?! I'd love to see pictures.
  4. I am kinda new to this group but I have been seeing a bunch of post with the growth of puppies into adult pups. I wanted to add my baby girl to the feed since I am really enjoying these types of posts. I want to introduce my girl Anzley. She will be 5 months tomorrow. Here are some pics of her from when I first got her till now.
  5. Gorgeous pup!! I have a 5 month old Pure bred BC and she is about 23 lbs, but has always been a little on the small side. Love the pictures and the updates. So glad you are enjoying your pup. They are a lot of work and full of energy but I can see the love and bond you two have. Thank you for sharing your story.
  6. Thank you so much!! This helps me a lot. I was thinking she was a tri-chocolate/red merle but her back is a silver so that was throwing me off but the brown patches makes sense. Thank you for your response!
  7. So she would either be a Chocolate/Red or Lilac? Is she a tri-color?
  8. Wow, stunning pup!! I will send updated pics as she changes. I attached the most recent pic from a couple weeks ago.
  9. I have a merle BC with blue eyes so I get asked all the time if she is an Aussie or a husky mix. When I tell them she is a full BC they still question me. So I feel you, lol
  10. Her nose is brown with a little pink mark on it.
  11. WOW! Gorgeous pup!! He did get a lot darker. So far just her spots are darker but her coat is getting lighter. She had more of a chocolate tone her her coat but is more silvery now. I LOVE your pups tails. So beautiful!
  12. Beautiful pup. I'm sorry for your loss. Thank you for your reply! My pup is a little lighter than she was when I first got her, but her spots are getting darker.
  13. I have a 4 month old BC. When I got her from the breeder she was listed as "lilac Merle" but the vet says she is a Chocolate Merle. She also has tan spots around her eyes and on her legs which look like she could be tri-colored. Her back is a silver shell with chocolate and red spots but her face has more tan and chocolate marking. It's hard to see the tan on her legs but I attached a few pictures of her coat. What is she considered??
  14. I have a 3 month old BC puppy. She has blue eyes but her left eye is starting to turn to a light amber. It's not the whole eye, just the top half. It's light it's hard to tell unless you are very close. She is a Merle and I've read that it's common for Merle's to have marbled eyes or two different colored eyes. She is almost 16 weeks so I thought her eyes would be permanent by now. Will her eye completely change or will it stay half blue/ half Amber? At what age will puppies develop their permanent eye color? Could this be a sign of a health issue? I talked to my vet a few weeks ago because her left eye was kind of "lazy" but they didn't seem to think it was something to worry about. Her eye looks straighter now but is changing color. I'm just wondering if it's changing because of her Merle gene, if there is a health issue, or if there could be another concern. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! I attached a picture of her from a distance to show how light the amber is and a close up of her left eye.
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