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  1. Poch is 11 months old and these last few weeks has like lots of people before have said lost his brain. He barks at anything and everything (and for some reason old people) He barks at other dogs lunges at cars and is a nightmare to walk, jumping up at people has gone backwards all in all a nightmare at times However, He is also a sweet loving affectionate dog who loves people visiting, is as gentle as a lamb with my 4 year old granddaughter and can’t bear it if you so much as sneeze to make sure your all right. We took him to the vet and asked about neutering and the vet said not to bother unless he started marking in the house He had never had his own dogs neutered Now I am confused
  2. My border collie Poch is 10 months old and has been quick to pick up commands and tricks but lately he seems to b going backwards His recall has become less than good on occasions and pulling on the leash and lunging at cars has suddenly developed again Do I need to go back to basics
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