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  1. There are two really fabulous looking dogs there. Love all of the unusual colours
  2. Thank you, though it was a good few years ago. Such a shame to lose him so very young. It's and interesting debate as to whether she's going to be blue or red. I've got a fair amount of experience of red and she's a bit red to be a blue and a bit blue to be a red! It could really just be down to the lighting on the day and the colour profiling on all of the users' monitors. Please post more as she grows PS: Not a very helpful picture in this case, but a fun one! (Arghh... not sure how to fix that!)
  3. This is what a lilac merle looks like: Yours looks like a tri-colour blue merle. Here's my last TCBM (Pip): The colours can take a little while to come out on a blue merle. Here he is as a pup: Pip is sadly no longer with us, but I reckon that's what you've got there.
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