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  1. Hi my bc 6 month old puppy has started to bark at anything with moving wheels! Bikes, cars, wheelchairs, anything!! Also if I take him out for walks he's fine until he sees another dog. If I can I ask the owner if my dog can say hello to theirs. Majority of the time this works and he's great, but if there is a dog in the distance he just barks and pulls on the lead. I have taken him to socialising and puppy classes where he was fine. I had to wait several weeks for the next puppy progression class. When we did arrive he was so excited but started to bark at the other dogs. We were quickly esco
  2. We have 5 month old bc, he's very good in general. I do feel for you though. I have taken our BC to puppy classes once a week for 1 hour. It's not much out of your working day, but the trainers also offer at an additional fee, to come to your home to help with training. It might be worth a try, good luck, hope it all works out for you.
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