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  1. I know BCs who totally ignore the cats, even when they run. If I’m lucky and can find a particular dog who will pretend he doesn’t exist, there wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve also met ones who never leave the cat alone... So I was just looking for personal experiences in how you’ve all managed the two together. The cat is 9 years old, in early stages of HCM. Medication is not needed at this stage, and he’s getting annual echocardiograms to assess progression of his disease. Whether he’s going to be in heart failure next year or not, nobody knows. He might worsen quickly or he can stay how he is forever. I’m a veterinary technician and monitor his heart closely at home as well. He will be fine with a dog as long as it’s not chasing him around and annoying him to no end. The dogs he’s met have been okay, but they were lower energy. Like I said... I’m willing to wait. This cat comes first, and that’s why I was looking into what others have experienced.
  2. So originally I joined this forum because a BC was a dog that I had wanted since I was a child. I grew up with a dog constantly in the house, usually GSDs and mixes. I'd put together makeshift agility courses for my GSD/BC mix. She wasn't fond of the idea so we didn't get far, she really had zero qualities of both breeds and was a character of her own. Fast forward several years... Currently I reside in a tiny apartment with two cats and a chinchilla. This is not the ideal place for any dog, so I'm continuing to wait until I relocate to a suitable home. That being said... I have concerns for my cats. I've researched the breed a lot and from people who own similar breeds - cats can sometimes be an issue. My younger guy is rather accepting of most things so I'm less concerned for him. My older guy is much more flighty... He will run if chased and prefers to be left alone. He has cardiomyopathy, so stress is a huge concern. He did tolerate dogs well when they don't bother him and he did allow some sniffs, but I just don't know if he can withstand the annoyance of a dog who is trying to herd him around the house.This cat is my first priority and I will wait as long as I have to for me to get a dog. As much as I want to add a BC to my family once I am settled, I'm a rational thinker. Regarding the cats, I was mostly looking for first hand experience from those who have both at home. Obviously it is highly dependent on the personalities of the animals, but I'm interested in hearing all opinions. Thank you all in advance!
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