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  1. Looking for some advice... I have German shorthaired pointer pup, female, about 4 1/2 months. My female friend has two Border Collies, male and female, around a year and year and half. Take them running/walking with each other a fair bit, The female border collie and my dog get along fine, no issues what so ever. The male Border Collie on the other hand doesn’t happen on every meeting, But randomly attacks my German shorthaired pointer, and when I mean attack first time it happen she went for the neck with her teeth had her pinned down, if I hadn’t have broken it up, don’t think it would have ended well for my German shorthaired pointer, they were both unleashed at the time, The GSP wasn’t pestering or anything the BC. Just went her. So put them both on the leash to try and difuse the incident, again after run, BC pinned the GSP down by the river and again violently attack her, again had to break them up, wouldn’t have ended. Next meeting pretty sure they were fine, think we started with both of them on leads. Don’t think anything happened. We run/walk regularly, just monitor the two dogs, probably happened close to a dozen times now, happen again today, Happened straight up when my friend arrived at my house, hadn’t had really anytime to say Hi, again GSP wasn’t pestering the Bc or anything just went her, broke it up quickly. Started the walk again BC went the GSP, my friend tried to break it up, the BC had a firm grip of my GSP and wouldn’t let go of her head until I broke it up, again think it wouldn’t have ended well, for my GSP. The GSP pup doesn’t know what is going on, just show any anger at all. Apparently just happens with my dog, hasn’t had any issues with any other dogs, just mine. Want to fix problem....before it ends badly. any ideas??? thanks
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