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  1. New to the forum and the breed! Here is our new boy, Finnegan aka Finn. He’s 8 weeks old, border X and has been a huge bright light added to our lives. My boyfriend and I already had our boy Tucker and have been wanting to expand our little family. Here are some pictures I got tonight.
  2. Thank you so much! It’s been about 4 years since we’ve done the whole puppy thing and none of the puppies/dogs we had growing up were barkers apart from someone driving into the driveway. Tucker, my other dog did the barking thing when we first got him but only at night for about a week. He NEVER barks now unless we are playing with him. I have been ignoring Finn when he barks I just wanted to know if I was doing the right thing. I appreciate you taking the time to respond!
  3. Hey there! I just recently brought our new boy home. He’s a border mix but looks mostly border. He’s my first of the breed. I have so many questions and I’m sure I’ll have more. Finn is 8 weeks old and lives with his little-big brother Tucker the cockerpoo. Finn seems pretty mellow but I know the sleepy puppy stage doesn’t always last. He hasn’t shown much interest in toys yet but again, he’s still settling in. So far I don’t have many issues, he barked/howled when we put him in his pen for the night but we put my slippers next to his bed and he fell asleep without a peep for around 8 hours! He has a thing with my slippers haha. My one issue is that he’s pretty vocal. I mean he makes this whining/grunting sound when he’s eating. Almost like he can’t decide if he wants to eat or if he wants to cry for me to come over. I feed him in his own so the dogs can have their space. Tucker is the quietest most gentle dog so I know HE wouldn’t do anything. Anyway, if I’m in the kitchen and they are near me, he barks and I’m talking a big, very loud bark. He barks if I sit on the couch and he can’t get up. He barks when I leave to use the bathroom. I know he’s a dog, they bark. That’s fine, however we live in a two bedroom apartment above a small town business. They are totally fine with us having dogs. The owner and his book keeper bring their dogs to work with them. They get it. I don’t want him to bother them TOO much while they work and I just don’t need him barking at EVERYTHING i do or don’t do. Is there a way to nip this in the butt now? I know he will probably bark for a bit after we leave for work but so did Tucker when he was a puppy. Ive been trying to tucker him out during the day. Between toys and the huge back yard to play in. But during the week when I go to work it may not always be so easy to do that every day before work. I know I’m rambling, sorry! So yeah my big question is, are they all vocal? Is it normal for him to just bark at everything? (Tucker is not a bark what so ever) Id like to rein Finn in on the barking at everything if it’s at all possible! Thank you for reading my “book” if you do and replying!
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