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  1. Ok so a little more backstory we got Roo in august as we had the opportunity to own our own cafe (its not a big cafe but it sits on some land, is secured with large double gates and lots of fencing around it. So since we’ve had him he’s been going to the cafe almost every day. He was with me during the 5 month building/renovations and now comes to work with us. his daily routine is a 15 minute walk to work, an hour or so playing on the grounds with his toys and us. As the weathers been so nice we’ve enclosed a section off (with shade, water & toys) so he can sit outside - some customers ask to see him so i go over with them and just ask they put their hand down and if he wishes, he can come greet them. I’ll bring him out on his leash periodically through the day for socialising/training to meet people properly. He has a dog walker that takes him out for an hour during the day. He gets the play when we’ve closed on the grounds and then a 15 minute walk home. Once home we generally try to wind him down, will play a game for a while but he sleeps a lot anyway. we are seeing a vet behaviourist but have only had one visit so far
  2. Apparently so! Sounds a lot like my pup too, he tail bites, and is way overly friendly with people and it’s anxiety so i’ve been told. When your pup lies down (you need a really good reward like dried liver or hearts) and just do your best to distract her until the people/dog have moved passed, we did it with Roo a few times yesterday and he went great with it, just carried on walking. Work extra hard on getting her to sit when greeting people and stay sitting - Roo will sit for like 3 seconds then jump back up in excitement but most people understand to help get him to sit again
  3. Thank you for everyone's comments. Roo is the most beautiful little dude so the options of giving him back, up or even euthanasia?! is not an option for us. We love him more than anything so yes, we would try until our final days that he has a happy life. whilst his attacks seemed unpredictable at the time, I have since been told he is actually quite an anxious pup - something I just didn’t think he was because he genuinely seemed to love meeting/seeing people & dogs. But I’ve been told that actually his actions of; dropping to the floor and crawling towards dogs (something i was previously told was a BC thing) was a sign of anxiety, putting his ears back often (something I was previously told was a sign of love) was a sign of anxiety. His attacks were more than likely that I had perhaps pushed too hard, expected too much and just wasn’t aware he felt anxious this much. We have been having a wonderful time together since I’ve learnt this, we walk where there are less dogs, he gets his toys at all hours (used to be removed as he would cry to a ridiculous degree with them but has now calmed down with them) and we’ve constructed a pen/run in the cafe grounds so he’s spending more time outside in his own space but can interact with people of he chooses to. He seems more content in the evenings and is listening better a bit better (i do assume some puppy adolescence comes into play too here with the not listening?) Ofcourse this hasn’t been fixed and will continue to be a part of our lives for goodness how long but I really believe he can and still at only 10 months old, surely there’s a chance?
  4. Hi everyone - really need some advice regarding my 10 month old border collie pup! Apologies as this will be long but I want to include as much detail. we’ve had Roo since he was 8 weeks old and we got him from a family (his parents are working dogs) Roo is extremely clever and quick to learn. He knows many tricks and commands and will do them 99% of the time with no issue. he has always been very sociable, seems to love everyone and everything! Unfortunately in the past month, there have been 4 instances where he has attacked me (3 times) and his dog walker (once) the first time was when we went away to a dog friendly hotel. He didnt seem to like the fact he could smell/hear people in the corridor so began barking loudly (had never previously done this anywhere), his tail was up and puffy and his eyes big & black. I made the mistake of coming off the bed to comfort him, as i went towards him he attacked me (punctured arm, drew blood and very bruised) i was so shocked i didn’t react. I just went into the bathroom where my partner was and had a cry. After 10 minutes we both came out, completely ignored Roo and went out for dinner. Upon our return Roo was back to normal, very happy to see us etc so we didn’t punish him. The second instance was on a walk with my partner - he had walked on ahead and Roo was struggling very hard to get to him, I’m the one who walks Roo the most so I was trying to get him to listen to me with treats etc, as he wouldn’t, I stepped infront of him to get his attention, Roo bit my leg and arm, again drawing blood. This time I did shout (wobbled due to shock, upset) and carried on walking, when we got to my partner he took Roo off me (this caused Roo to lunge at him angrily) my partner pulled him away by the scruff and walked home without me (to give us time apart) the 3rd time, i was home alone with Roo and was sat between him and the front door (please note - since first attack Roo has started barking at the door but we ignore this habit and that seems to work) i was setting up a treat puzzle game when Roo suddenly went for me (barking, puffy tail, big black eyes, lock jaw) thankfully he only got my jumper. I stayed very quiet until he let go and then moved myself back a bit (i was a bit cornered so didnt want to stand up quickly) Roo just went to lie down a few feet away with his back to me. The 4th time, we were on a walk with his walker, her dog and another dog. As we got to the park I put Roo on his long line, he seemed very eager to get into the park so I let him go (checked no one was there first) and he beelined for a tennis ball (Roo isn’t really allowed tennis balls as he literally destroys and eats them and gets very angry possessive with them) i managed to remove the ball by bribing with treats, after a few minutes Roo was sat between me and dog walker (seemed happy, tail wagging) as she was putting a harness on him, as she was adjusting the straps he went for her (same reaction - puffy tail, black eyes, lock jaw) luckily he only got her jumper but it was very shocking. It took about 10 minutes for him to seem back to normal (we didn’t punish, we simply ignored him behaviour and put him on a short leash for remainder of the walk) as we went back to van after he bit the walker, he went for one of the dogs and unfortunately came away with a puncture in his neck (healing now) i know dogs don’t bite for no reason but i’m at a total loss. He doesn’t seem to give me any warnings (i always try my best to read his body language) i’ve seen a behaviourist who has told us to muzzle train him, limit my physical contact with him and avoid conflict situations (let him have all his toys, don’t go near him at meal times etc) Roo is honestly so loving & friendly most the time, that this has been a really big shock for me. He does seem quite submissive (he will drop and army crawl towards dogs to greet them), he rolls on his back a lot etc but never has he been violent before. please if anyone can offer any advise, i’d really appreciate it
  5. Hi everyone, I’m just hoping to get some advice with my pup, I’ll try and detail as much as I can - we’ve had Reuben since he was 8 weeks old, he is now nearly 10 months old he is well trained, house trained etc however in the last couple of weeks he appears to be getting a lot of fear aggression. The first instance, we went to a dog friendly hotel for a night for my birthday and Reuben didn’t like the idea of being in the room and hearing people in the corridoor, he started barking (big black eyes, puffy tail) and I (probably stupidly) went over to calm him down and he bit my arm (drew blood and bruised) i stopped moving so he would let go, went into the bathroom and then we went to dinner, we ignored him before leaving him alone and when we returned he was very happy to see us. The second time, myself and my partner were on a walk, my partner was up ahead and Reuben was pulling loads trying to get to him whilst I was trying to get his attention on me, asked him to stop and sit, he wouldn’t so I stepped infront of him and he bit my leg and arm again (drew blood, bruised) I wailed, shouted No and walked on ignoring him. the third time, I was sat in the kitchen between Reuben and the front door and was setting up a nice treat puzzle game when he VERY suddenly barked, big black eyes, puffy tail and went for my arm again! I just got him off and then sat there crying - he laid down a few feet away from me with his back turned - I ignored him for the rest of the evening. A bit of back story, he has recently started barking at the front door (even in the middle of his food) we ignore his and he stops quickly and usually comes running up to us (as if afraid) We own our own dog friendly cafe and Reuben comes to work with us everyday, nothing in his routine has changed recently - however I am wondering, as he is a puppy and we’re training him inside he is leashed to his bed, he gets a 15 min walk in the morning and evening and between 1-3 hour walk in the day with dog walkers, but perhaps he feels trapped in the cafe? He is such a loving dog, enjoys cuddles, merting new people and loves everyone he meets. he is extremely submissive, when he meets a dog he will crawl on the floor to greet and then roll on his back, he also does this when customers go to greet him in his bed. please if anyone has advice? I am planning to take him to see a behaviourist but wanted to see if I can do anything in the mean time? I don’t ‘punish’ him as such after the attack, apart from ignoring, as honestly i’m afraid if i do, he’ll attack me more. he has only bitten me but has gone for my partner once to which he got a smack and dragged off thank you if anyone can help, feeling extremely desperate, scared and alone with this!
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