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  1. Sure they are, but there are cases of hybridization in the nature, i just thought in the possibility.
  2. Sorry for the delay!! Fox collie, i loved it haha, and Ruby seems to be lovely to Kathy!! We do have foxes here, but more in the north of the country i guess, i live in the south, never saw one. I didn't find the "Foxcollie" threa d, i google it but didn't find any mix of the two, don't know if they can matte too, interesting thing to think. I'll keep you informed abou this little one!
  3. Hey all I'm new to the forum and live in Brazil. I would like to introduce my little girl Astrid. She has 12 months now, but i adopted her with 45 days. She is my first Border Collie and sh's amazing . She's devilish intelligent, and i sure has ADHD ahahahah, she's absolutely adorable!! I call her a little wolf because sometimes she looks like one, i swear. Well, here are some pics of her, from the beginning to now (ooh and thanks to admin for admitting me, looking forward to chatting to you all).
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