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  1. Well, we are day 23 now, no more blood coughed up, he finished his last antibiotic last night. Still on Novox (I’m probably more afraid to stop it then him needing it) he is acting normal, pooping, peeing 3x a day. No water . I’m giving him wet food and add water to that. It’s like he can get down a slurry , but not actual water. I think I have PTSD from this whole ordeal, I’m paranoid to try anything with chunks in fear of it setting off another chain reaction of fever, lethargicness. He goes downstairs in the am (my father lives with us) so someone is wi
  2. Are you ready for a novel?? 16 days ago, we were playing fetch with our 5 year old , neutered BC “Fly”. Yes it was a stick, yes, I now know how dangerous they can be. So we were playing fetch and I threw the stick but didn’t see Fly retrieve it. I did hear a small yelp and looked to see fly creeping over to me. No blood, no stick, just acting very odd. I checked his mouth, told him to lay down and take it eats, but I knew something was off. I said to my husband it’s 4:30...vets close at 5. He thought he was fine because He proceeded to jump on Cart to go see the chic
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