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  1. Thank you , this is really what I was looking for is resources. I promise I’m not trying to have the internet fix my dog. I have a behavior visit at the vet coming up in a week but it seemed like it was hard to get. The last time I asked about these behaviors the vet told me that the dog was too young to have anything wrong with it besides being young and untrained. So I’m going for that and I’ve also been in contact with a trainer who believes they can help. I’m in the buffalo ny area so if anyone knows of behaviorist or trainers here or somewhat close please post ! Also trying to find new toys for when I’m playing with this dog. She doesn’t seem to like any of the typical toys. The only thing I’ve had luck with that will hold her interest is and old basket ball.
  2. Hi I have a border collie that is extremely scared and standoffish. She startles with loud noises and sudden movements. I’ve been working on those things and I haven’t seen much improvement. She also doesn’t like meeting new people. I can’t even pet her half the time. She snarls at me and my parents, she will also snap when we try to pet her sometimes. Last night she tried to bite me when I was finishing bathing her. She attacks other dogs especially the lab we have in the house and last time that resulted in a lot of stitches( for her ). I’m scared to take her anywhere. I have a big back yard and I know this breed needs a lot of exercise but she gets bored so fast even when I take her with a basket of toys outside she just lays down and is so uninterested. Please help
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