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  1. I haven’t been on here in a while but I think it’s safe to say he’s not 100% border collie. It actually worked out because where we live there are badgers, coyotes, lions, and bears. So it’s not the end of the world to have a bigger dog.
  2. He’s 5 months old now and 40 lbs. We live in CO now but he came from TN. I’m starting to wonder if he’s got some Catahoula in him.
  3. I’m not too worried yet. He has toy drive and with chase. But he prefers to run off With it afterwards. It could very easily change. If that’s the only gripe I have, we are in good shape. He loves all people and dogs. He’s not destructive yet. He’s good in his crate. He is great on leash. And he listens pretty good for a pup. In the second to last pic he was watching horses for the first time and wasn’t barking or wanting to chase.
  4. This goober is about 18 weeks now and 32 lbs. I’m still not sure he’s 100% BC. I guess he could be but who knows? Really only issue I have so far is that he doesn’t like to retrieve. He will chase a ball and pick it up but then he loses interest. Fetch is usually my go to exercise for wearing out a dog. I’m hoping this will change but if not, he can just be my hiking buddy.
  5. 14 weeks now and 23 lbs. His first river trip was this weekend. So far there isn’t much that he is afraid of.
  6. He’s changing everyday. I’m wondering if the ears will go up fully. Earlier this week he crashed some engament photos on our walk. But they didn’t seem to mind.
  7. You’re right. Ill share more pics as he grows. He’s an interesting little guy.
  8. The name might change but that’s what I’ve been calling him lately. I was home sick last Friday and clicked on the “pet” section of Craigslist. I should know better by now. A lady was going through a crisis needed to get rid of him. He was covered in filth, fleas, and ticks when I first laid eyes on him. I honestly thought I would get him cleaned up and healthy and then find him a good BC home, but he’s growing on me each day. My BC girl is almost 12 so I had forgotten how much personality these puppies have. We are currently working on vehicle ettiquette because he wants to ride on my shoulders.
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