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  1. I have an 8 month pup living with me since 2 months old that a friend passed to me. I live in a small one bedroom apartement with a 1.5m x 5m terrace. I do give him a lot of time and have a lot of spare time, currently not working so we are separated only 4 hours daily and they are maximum 2 hours at a time so he really manages well. Daily walks and each 2-3 days a 10 km hike (5 each each way) . He's got a great mood and is kind to other dogs no barking unless they are really small and bark first (chihuahas, schnauzers) he is really sociable. No off leash walks still though only in the hikes w
  2. Thats "H". Pronounced in spanish... from peru
  3. Thank you all for the comments and pictures! ill just let him roll peacefully haha its that sometimes during mountain biking he just gets out of sight and strats to roll jajaja.
  4. Dear community, I address to you with a concern I've got going in my mind. I've got an 8 month BC male pup and we go on regular walks to our local hill. There are some cows and some small animals around, he doesn't bother them much but my concern is that I find him often rolling on the dirt like from side to side. Just rubbing his back on dirt and sometimes cow shit. I haven't found any ticks or fleas on my dog and initially thought he might be rolling to scratch his back. Although I now think as I haven't found fleas or ticks it might be something that dogs do for some specific purpose?
  5. thank you all for the info.!!! im checking with the vet when he goes for the vaccines if his testicle dropped but nothing yet. ill wait and see, hes been doing just fine.
  6. Im buying a BC tomorrow, the only thing is one of his testicles hasn't 'dropped' yet and they tell me that if it doesn't drop the dog won't be able to register his future puppies in the Kennel Club. Its not a major concern not to have the Kennel Authenticity for future puppies, im more concerned about the well being of a dog and the problems it may bring. Im fairly new in the dog world so i haven't encountered this situation before. Ive done some research and the longest it takes is 6-8 months for the testicle to go in its normal place and some never do. Any one got any experience in this subj
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