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  1. But that would mean he would be afraid of that one particular location and he's not afraid to return to the couch or kitchen or other locations. Even if we go broad, he would be fearful of the old house in general. But with the latest bite, he was in a completely new location so there couldn't be any fear of discipline, yet he still bit. In every situation too, there's no loud noises, no sudden movement, no one bothering him. No one has ever pulled his tail or ears or hit him (as much as we know since he was stray) so he has no reason to retaliate. People are standing around talking and h
  2. For the past year and a half, my parents have been in the process of selling the house, I got a stable job a year ago, my sister and I moved 7 months ago, and they moved about 3 months after that. The only thing that changed was the amount of training he was being given. Basic timeline (I don't know if this helps): Stray for a year and a half (born about 08/2015 if my backwards calendar math is correct) Adopted in 02/2017 Started training in 02/2017 (within a few days of adoption) Stable job 01/2018 (training decreased) First bite 05/2018 Sister bite 06 or 07/2018 My sister
  3. After rereading that, I phrased that horribly. Sorry, I'm emotionally drained and it's coming out in poor wording. After a bite, we separate Tucker from the person. He would stay in my room/his cage/outside and I take him there by leash and let him calm down away from the commotion. After the person leaves I lead him back to the site where he bit and by body language, he remembers what happened. That's when I zap him and then lead him away. For example, one time he bit in the kitchen so later that evening, I led him back into the kitchen and zapped him before taking him outside to work o
  4. Both of these were written almost back-to-back so I'll reply to both in this message. He actually isn't that vocal. He'll bark at loud trucks on the street or when Dakota starts barking, but that's about it. He doesn't howl or moan or whine, which is good. Considering I live an hour away and I only get to visit on the weekends as my schedule allows...I've thought about that too. I've thought about crating him when people are over but I fear my dad would take it too far and crate him all the time because Tucker wants to play 90% of the day. It's definitely something we'r
  5. I just found this website and I wish I had found it so much sooner. I want to delve in and read all the posts but I have a serious problem and I need help stat. About 2 years ago my family (my mom, dad, sister, and me) adopted a 1 1/2 year old male short-haired smooth-coat collie (who we named Tucker). He was stray when he was found with no chip or collar. He was picked up 5 counties away from where my family lives so we don't know anything about his history. When we picked him up at the shelter, he didn't even have a name let alone answer to it. We worked with a trainer (Mark Freder
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