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  1. So I’ve posted in this board before about my baby Dougie, with some initial questions on puppyhood and this breed, as it was my first time with one. He’s now 4 months old, and just the sweetest dog ever!!!! He’s honestly been a little angel so far. He absolutely loves me, he always wants to be near when I’m home. But he does amazing on his own at home while we work, which continues to amaze me. He’s basically potty trained, minus an accident here or there. But even during the work days he doesn’t potty until the dog walker gets there, and then again when I get home! I’m impressed with this bo
  2. If your dog ended up having separation anxiety, or just an inability to be alone without being too worked up/getting into trouble, at what age did it start or did you see signs that maybe it would be that way? My little guy is almost 3 months old, and has been home alone while we work since he came home with us at 7 weeks. We hired someone to come midday to play and walk, but he is alone for 8 hours before its all said and done. He does AMAZING with this. I have a camera, and I check in on him frequently throughout my day. He never cries, never whines, has not destroyed anything, and never bar
  3. Thank you for this advice! I will certainly give the play before and after potty time a try. I have limited time in the mornings, like maybe just an extra 10 before I have to leave after getting up and getting ready. So it would most definitely be BRIEF play, but I could certainly see how that approach could work. As for during the day, he is gated in our kitchen. So he doesn't have run of the house, but certainly has enough space to relieve himself all day. I considered kenneling all day, but we kennel at night and I just felt awful to have him kenneled all but like 8 hours of th
  4. Is there a time when the pups become more interested in stuffed Kongs? We tried peanut butter and a treat stuffed in one for my 9 week old, and he did not seem to care. Perhaps he is just too young for it to keep his attention?
  5. We are working on potty training our 9, almost 10, week old, Dougie. I understand he is still really young, but it is driving me crazy! Like this morning: I took him out of his kennel and directly outside, like usual, and usually he goes pee right away. But today, instead of peeing, he stood there and stared at me for ten minutes, trying to engage in play. Well I did not encourage this and kept telling him "Go potty Dougie!". Eventually he went just a small amount, and then I had to leave for work, so I brought him in and passed him off to my husband for doggy duty. Then just a couple minute
  6. Well my husband and I work full time, and brought our little guy home at 7 weeks old. He has been alone during the week days for 8-9 hours, with just a midday play/walk with the dog walker. He’s done fine. I mean I definitely think it’ll take us longer to potty train, since he gets to roam the kitchen while we are gone and so he just pees whenever he needs to but oh well. I would say that for one day, a 13 week old would be fine for the day. It’s not ideal but it’s life, and it is what it is. She might pee in the kennel or room that she’s in but to me that’s not a huge deal. If you have a fr
  7. How can I begin to teach my BC his name? Seems to me that would be the first thing all dogs should be taught right? He would need to know that before he can learn to pay attention to commands, as typically you would call a dogs name to get them to initially pay attention? Dougie is 8 weeks and has the attention span of a fly.
  8. So I was wondering, I know with a young pup you should be taking them out to potty frequently. Well we kennel train at night, and so if he starts hollering in the middle of the night, I will go to his kennel and let him out. Of course then having to go back in is another hour hour of crying, but I suppose that's to be expected. However, in my research on kennel training, it is said do not address your pup if he is hollering and crying in the kennel, as this give him the idea that by acting that way, he will get attention. So my question is, how do I potty train and yet still successfully kenne
  9. I do. He has a handful of toys, though nothing for strictly work hours. I have heard a stuffed Kong for only during work hours is great for them, something to look forward to and that will keep them busy. Although Dougie does not seem food motivated so far!
  10. Hi all. This is my first post, as my husband and I have adopted an almost 8 week old BC/Aussie mix just this past weekend, which my son has named Dougie. So Dougie came home on a Saturday, and we began kennel training that evening, strictly for nights. Then Monday came, and my husband and myself work work full time. So that day, we kenneled him from 8:20am until about 12:30pm, when we have hired help to come play. Help left about an hour later, and Dougie was again kenneled from about 1:30pm until I arrived home shortly after 4pm. I was not confident or feeling really good in our choice to cra
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