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  1. I have no idea what's wrong with the people who answered this thread, the majority of you seem extremely judgemental. ihave explained that I do praise the puppy when she does it right and when she does it wrong I gently put her on the pad. I don't see a problem with speaking sternly to a dog, it isn't violence, and I was trying to understand why she has got confused apparenly when everything was ok. Yes I was angry, but I didn't say that I took the anger out on her. I disagree that I haven't trained her correctly. The point is she has been doing very well for four weeks, I think it's unlikely
  2. arrrr you twisted my arm... Well this is a super cute one to be fair. Seren has been quite naughty today, she has been very good at using her puppy pads to defecate on, from the moment I got her, but in the last few days she's started going on the floor in the same room as the pad. I've told her off where I can and sat her on the pad after. But today, she went ALL over the floor and I was rightfully furious. I don't understand why she has done this when she does know where to go.... it really upset me. Is it likely that she's doing this because of confusion or boredom, or is it just that
  3. Hello. My puppy is now 12 weeks old. She from the get go was very good about using the puppy training pads to poo and wee. Initially I put a training mat in my bedroom because she was tiny and wanted to stay close to me. Then I put other mats, as well as the bedroom one, one in the kitchen, one in bathroom, which have lino on the floor. She has used both of these for at least 3 weeks no issues, as well as the bedroom one. However, for some reason, she seems to have begun using the floor in my bedroom which is carpeted. Every time she's done this, I've spoken to her sternly, and where possible
  4. Hi there. I'm new to the forum and not sure how to post pics yet... I will do some soon! Thank you for your advice, both of you. Well I also had a rather unpleasant former BC owner who I met in person making rude comments about her need for stimulation which worried me, and perhaps led me to be a bit too rough with her at times, tickling her to excess, poor doggie. She does have two "boxes" which are basically beds in old suitcases which she happily sits and sleeps in. I think that your advice, hooper2, is really helpful, as I agree, a clingy older dog is no good, and also, I'm interested that
  5. Hello I've recently become the owner of a border collie who is now 10.5 weeks old. I have read everywhere that these dogs need constant mental and physical stimulation or become "destructive". However I've not seen this with my girl. She is very laid back. I do spend some time each day deliberately playing with her, and have taught her to go to her bed, to lie down and begun to teach her to fetch, though she seems to only get this intermittently for some reason. But I am not constantly stimulating her mentally. Maybe a couple of hours per day. She's also been left alone for a couple of ho
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