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  1. Hey all, I've posted about Mac before and what a joy he's been as a pup. We're going on 11 months now, he's still not neutered if that matters but will be soon! He's still really easy but, his worst behavior problems are with my boyfriend currently. He works all day and I work from home so when he gets home from work Mac just needs his attention non-stop for at least the first two hours my boyfriend is home. This includes a variety of annoying behaviors like following at his heels close enough to be tripped over around the house and pushing toys against his legs while he walks and sits at his
  2. My good boy Mac is almost six months! He’s still such a good boy. He’s done teething finally and he’s sitting at 36lbs. His ears have still not decided what they’re gonna do. We do between 3-5 miles a day of just walking, we got him a gentle leader for pulling and it’s been great! He only needs it about half the time (it gets put on when he pulls, otherwise it’s harness). Then we do hiking or dog parks 3-5 times a week. He has 100% changed my activity levels which is a positive for me personally. However, even with that consistent exercise a third floor one bedroom apartment
  3. @GentleLake I didn’t think about it making the bone harder!! Big yikes on my part! I am gonna just go toss it in the trash!! I can find a tube toy or something to replace it tried Himalayan cheese chews. He showed absolutely zero interest. Picky child. Gave them to my folks pit when I visited a week or so back and she was INTO them. So I’m guessing it’s just a Mac quirk.
  4. @Lawgirl Oscar is so pretty!!!!!! He actually looks really similar to my boy’s gorgeous mama! <3 I have actually tried stuffed Kongs on advice of this awesome site! For some reason my child is totally disinterested in Kongs even with food stuffed in them. I have three different sizes and he’s just like “nope” even with his fave treats. I’m wondering if he had a bad kong experience haha! Yesterday I actually froze some meat baby food into a marrow bone and that occupied him for about twenty minutes! Which is a success as far as I’m concerned! Horns made me think of hooves which ar
  5. Hey folks I posted about my BC Mac a few months ago when I got him! He’s going on 16 weeks soon! Im not going to lie and say he’s been a total angel cause we’re still on mouthiness (though it’s much less recently, he’s gonna start teething soon I imagine so it will probably get worse again!) and we’re working on being alone cause he’s still just having a really hard time with it. We have been attached at the hip since I got him so I’m sure it’s partly my fault. However he has been doing really great!! Even in the city/apartment. He is the chattiest dog I’ve ever owned and I love it
  6. I did not think about a blanket over the crate that's a really good idea! Currently he's blocked into my bedroom since he's still so young and I want to be able to keep an eye on everything he can get in to. However, if I leave to use the bathroom or whatever that's where the whines begin. When I put him in crate he is great, if I'm in the room. If I'm not in the room he gets extremely whiny and since I live in an apt complex I worry about leaving him to just whine/scream himself to sleep. Generally I'll stay out of sight, tell him to hush firmly and he'll quiet himself for a moment so I can r
  7. Hey All! Just thought I'd introduce myself, Finch, and my boy, Mac. I've been lurking for a couple months now just reading and gathering info on life with BCs. Especially all the info I can get on city life for what is very much a country breed of dog! I'm a former vet tech who now works at a veterinary based company where I can bring the puppo to work with me everyday. He's my first puppy as an adult, which I'll say was because I was patient for YEARS so I could be financially stable before bringing a dog into my life. Now I'm about a year or two out from my dream home a few acres out of the
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