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  1. Hello! We've planned our first camping trip since adopting our BC. She's 10 months old now. At home she is crated every single night primarily because I think she'd bug the cats all night if left out and I don't quite trust her not to be destructive... The nights spent away from home she's also been crated. Am I going to undo her crate training if she's allowed to sleep out of the crate with us while camping? Do you think she'll be resistant to her crate when we return home? It's a short trip, just two nights. Thanks!
  2. What a terrible experience! I am so sorry! As far as what you did right/wrong don't beat yourself up, the other dog owner was the only one who did wrong. I have heard that you can carry the type of umbrella that opens quickly with a push of a button and it will scare dogs. Continue to brandish it threateningly and tell the dogs "NO." Before taking the umbrella on a walk you'd of course want to teach your pup slowly and carefully that an umbrella opening is Not scary and infact a Very Fun Thing! You could also consider carrying airhorns, canned air, a stout walking stick, a spray bottle with vinegar or lemon juice (I've heard this works for cyclists) or pepper spray if legal in your area. I carry food reward on my walks and I've thrown a handful of treats in the face of a dog approaching us barking, hackles up, it worked but the owner did give me a bad time for feeding his dog. I told him to be glad that's all I did. He claimed the dog was friendly, it certainly wasn't the most vicious if it stopped for some snacks but I wasn't gonna risk it.
  3. Probably a genius plan to try to keep these perfect pups out if the wrong hands ;-) I never tell anyone how lovely my BCs really are haha
  4. Hello! Just a quick update! Turns out that likely all of this was her insecurity with me I think. As she's bonded with me and gained familiarity with our routine her anxieties have vanished one by one and she's blossoming into a very sweet confident dog! She's met lots of dogs and people and absolutely is loving almost everyone. The ones she doesn't love she has the good sense to avoid, quietly! We'll continue to actively socialize of course but I am just so happy and thankful! The photos are her and her best friend Baxter, a fellla we happened to meet at the park one day and now make time to meet up with regularly. however, every photo of puppy rough housing I have looks like a vicious dog fight is happening or about to start. They really are great together I promise haha She's been the start student of her class and we graduate next week. She still barks once in a while at dogs and people but the huge majority of the time she's frustrated not mad or scared. Thank you all so much for the advice! It certainly came about with a lot of hard work and TONS of treats!
  5. For the wrappers and other items in his mouth I LOVE this method of teaching drop. It works extremely well although you do need to put in the initial work.
  6. You usually don't need to cut much hair at all in a sanitary trim. A bit on each side and a little more below. Sometimes a bit at the base of the tail You can also just trim off soiled hair as it happens and after a few times you'll have a good idea of the hairs that cause you trouble and you can trim those regularly.
  7. I would take her dinner with me outside, or right in the door way, wherever she's very comfortable but still exposed, and just calmily sit there. Each time a car comes I would greet it happily as you might an old friend "oh hello! What a lovely car!" And feed the pup kibbles one by one so she has time to chew swallow and think a moment before the next kibble arrives. Each car will earn a few kibbles. As it passes I would probably continue to talk to the car, "bye car! So good to see you!" And fade down to less food until the next car comes. I would not feed a bite between cars. Unless something else scary happens and then that can be snack time too. Eventually she would need to earn those kibbles by looking to the scary car and then back to you but she should start doing that on her own in time. Once she's comfortable you can move to other places and/or a bit closer to the road. Winter, my pup, has simmilar fears of passing cars and this is exactly what we are doing. It took about a week but on walks now she hears a car coming (or dog barking or approaching) and she looks to me like "hey! Where's my treat!?" She's still a little insecure, I can tell by the way she snatches and gobbles the food, but an outside observer would likely not notice anything but a happy pup by my side. It's a but of a hassle but the speed she's learning and improving make it highly rewarding for me. If you don't see progress by the third car or so I'd say your much to close and you need to move farther from the road if possible.
  8. It's a band aid not a solution but I use a treat and train at work because she can't be there if she's naughty or loud and I need her to be able to join me on 16 hour work shifts. My girl is about 6 months old and about 1/2 cup of kibbles gets me about an hour or two of settled behavior without even needing to be in the room/building. It comes with all the education you need to set your dog up for success. I assume as she matures we can eventually stop using it but my current attitude is she can have all her meals at work from this thing for the rest of her darn life if it means she can continue to come to work with me. https://www.amazon.com/PetSafe-Treat-Remote-Reward-Trainer/dp/B0010B8CHG
  9. I thought for years that was allergic to dogs, then I got allergy tested and I'm not! I. Allergic to lots of other things and stuff that can be in their coats like dust and pollen and even mold. I highly recommend an allergist if it's possible for you.
  10. When any of my pets have toilet accidents I'm mad at only one thing. Me. I clearly didn't set them up to succeed and now I get the punishment of cleaning up the mess to teach me to try harder to get them out in time next time.
  11. Hey! I too have a young (6 month or so) border collie I just started bringing to work. She will cry if left alone but I bought a Treat and Train so I can give her a food reward from a distance for being quiet. After about 2 hours of learning how it works she now doesn't cry when I walk away, just eagerly awaits the food from her magic food robot that only makes treats when Mom walks away. It's been an absolute life saver at work! I think I'm going to go with Embark to test for MDR1, it's a little pricier but it will test for a bunch of other stuff too and I can find out if she's actually a border collie or if she has some LGD mixed in.
  12. You probably also want to avoid the dog's name being associated with anything negative for now. "Dougie NO" is just going to slow you down at this point. Winter is a bit older but we changed her name when we adopted her and she knew the new name in just 2 days of me saying it randomly and giving her a treat. I 'load' names like I load clickers. The dog doesn't have to do anything just hearing their name makes food appear like magic. I phase out of giving food every time once they're looking at me when I say the name.
  13. My last bc bit me pretty good twice, neither broke skin but lots of bruising and swelling. Both times weren't out of no where, and I never even thought of blaming her. The first time I hurt her while I was cutting her nails, she didn't even bleed but I'd cut it pretty close. And she just reacted, no thought on her part, when I cried out in pain she immediately got frantically 'sorry' falling all over herself trying to soothe me. I calmed her down and we called it even, and we were both slow and cautious with nails from then on. The second time was 1000% my fault. I let her out of the house, as she was stepping off the top step of our porch I saw a rattlesnake on the second step. I grabbed her by the hair/skin of her neck and butt with both hands and pulled her backwards toward me. I couldn't immediately let her go because she'd run right back down the stairs, so she got me as I got a hold of her collar. In her mind I had just brutally attacked her out of no where. She eventually forgave me, although it took some time to build that trust back up. Other than that she never put her mouth on anyone. She charged a few people who startled her over the years but it was all bluff. Just lots of noise. She was farm raised, unsocialized and dumped at the pound at 5 years old. And then adopted by me and forced to live a very different life. She had every reason to not have a stable temperament but she was a good dog who must have had sound parents.
  14. Lawgirl, she is making some hard fast turns but no jumping or climbing or fast stops. Mostly just fast running in a big wide circle.
  15. Cyberdog, I want to do flyball but can't find anywhere with classes or a group near me. We will probably dabble in agility but hiking, Nosework and just constant companion is our main focus. That said if she LOVES agility or something else we try we will get more involved I'm sure. Edit: thanks so much for your advice! Really appreciate it!
  16. To clarify I've had Win for 2 weeks. We didn't just wait 6 month for her first vet trip haha
  17. Hello! We went for our first vet check today and Winter's vet strongly cautioned us against over exercising her young bones. Winter is 6 months old. The vet okayed our short walks and gentle ball tosses but I forgot to ask about self-directed exercise. She runs hard laps around the yard a few times a day. Do you think this is okay? She's not running with other dogs or being encouraged. I'm not sure I could really stop her without leashing her 24/7... Thanks!
  18. Just bought the e-book! Going to start reading it literally right now! Thank you
  19. I know. Her past is so frustrating. I'm just glad she's younger than I initially was told, I thought she was 7 months old, but the puppy teeth I keep finding dropped all over the floor make me think she's more like 5 maybe 6 months. Honestly I almost returned her over all this but I couldn't send her back ... Thank you so much for the advice! The class is 100% positive and in a very large space. Visual barriers are available and will be set up before class so each dog has a safe space, I think, though I will confirm that. I am meeting with the trainer in person on Thursday. I certainly have no goals of obedience. And if the class is too much we'll either bail or I'll just take my old man dog, he'd love the breaks from her and 1 on 1 attention :-). I think we're basically doing look at that, although right now I will feed her for continuing to look at me as well so I should look it up and see how it compares. Before even doing a play date the plan was to walk the dogs together, but at a distance where Win is under threshold the entire time, and do simmilar things until we feel like they're ready. The other dogs owner's last dog was very reactive and they did classes and workshops so she's more knowledgeable than me. But we're in no rush at all. Thank you again, I really appreciate the advice! (Even if I was hoping to hear she'd just magically grow out of all this hah hah...)
  20. Hello! I recently adopted a 5 or 6 month old border collie. I had a female border collie prior to her so I didn't expect to have a dog who loves other dogs but Winter is (I think) extremely fearful of dogs. She is fine with my Chihuahua, and has been since the moment she met him, but every other dog has been a challenge. I adopted Winter 10 days ago. I don't know her early history but do know she was purchased from a breeder and she lived with a dog in her first home before she went to a rescue. While in rescue she was fostered in a home with four dogs, one of whom she was 'best friends' with. In both her first home and her rescue foster she was rarely/never socialized outside of the home. When we see a dog far away she will bark, if the dog comes closer she will growl and bark, if the dog gets even closer she will snap at it. I haven't really had her around many dogs, you can see the challenge in doing that of course, so I'm not sure if she'd ever just relax. These aren't dogs rushing up or anything, just a dog on a leash casually moving past us on a walk. I have been feeding her before she can bark and moving to where the dogs can get by. While she's eating and receiving praise, she does much better and will only grumble a little if I didn't plan well enough to give her about 4 feet between her and the dog. She will also bark at people we see when we are on walks. This has improved a TON since I got her using the same technique I described with dogs. With people when they get close she greets them happily and wants to be petted right away when they are within reach. She's never been anything but sweet to a person near her. We start a group obedience class soon so I am hoping that will help and I have a friend with a dog who's just the best with other dogs that we'll arrange some playdates with to hopefully get her a dog friend, I can tell she misses playing with a dog, and my chi isn't going to play with her haha. What are your thoughts/suggestions? I don't need/expect her to love dogs or play at the dog park or anything. I just want her to keep quiet and have the good sense to move on as she matures. Is there hope?
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