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  1. Poppy30 - We will be following this thread, as our almost 2-yr-old Tego is showing much the same behavior. I have been studying Brenda Aloff's caninie body language book and learning to recognize some warning signs, which helps. Highly recommend it. The constant state of alert, even when I thought she was sleeping is startling. In other posts, this knowledgeable group always seem to want to know: Is Poppy getting enough exercise? What is Poppy eating? Have you done any obedience or other training with her? Impulse control, tricks, leash walking? Has Poppy been health tested - hearing, eyesight, overall health? So maybe answer those for more responses? Folks here have been great at providing advice and suggestions. Looking forward to their guidance for sure. luck - dnb
  2. Thanks - Treats really are game changers!!
  3. drharps - how did it go? I am planning to start my 2yr old to accompany me on a jog (have been training to keep up with her). Any tips?
  4. Sue looking forward to being a spectator Saturday. We are bringing a couple of well-mannered dogs (and a 9-month-old BC who could use some impulse control training). But since we haven't been before, wondering if you had any good advice?
  5. Ack - is this true?? My 9 month old lays down and waits for other dogs and people to approach all the time! Sometimes I can't even get her to move on until they have approached. She's quite (too) friendly once they do approach, but now I am concerned. Is this her anxiety again (she has other signs: tail hair biting) or a passive/aggressive wait and pounce greeting? And if this is anxiety, what on earth can I do to help her work through it??
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