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  1. Hello D'Elle, Hooper2, MyRuna, Flora&Molly, HerePupPup, Ruth and Gibbs and ShellyF Thank-you all for the dialogue and links - it is interesting and very informative. I will definitely learn a lot from them. I have also looked online to buy a crate (D'Elle). I will need to have Quinn neutered at some point so it does make sense to prepare him for a period of time in a crate at the vet. My last dog was a collie/retriever cross and she was never crate trained and needed oral surgery after she broke her tooth on a stick - my dog Keona barely made a noise but I remember gettin
  2. Hello Just wanted to introduce myself and my dog. I have a 7 month old puppy named Quinn who is a smooth coat collie. He is awesome and a joy to be around. I feel we are over the hard part as he is starting to settle down a bit for the most part and the learning is going smoothly for both of us. He gets on average of 4 hours of exercise a day at a leash free dog run. Its a massive road heading towards massive lake and on both sides of road are very large fields that have trails along the lake. My go to park to train as he can expel energy for half hour (playing/running and rough h
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