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  1. FYI: FEEDBACK ON from my vet with regard to feeding bones to a dog... she had same-day appointment for two dogs from the same household, for teeth extraction. Dogs not old at all and were fed bones for a number of years before. In time crunching on bone shutters teeth. It's basically bone on bone...
  2. So I had a conversation about all this with my vet and WRT to giving my pup raw bones, she shared with me that she recently had to extract broken teeth from two corgis, from the same house, that cracked their teeth on raw bones. It's basically bone against bone and eventually the teeth crack. So what's the solution I asked?... She proposed a combination of brushing every other day, and giving a dental chew thingy the other day...
  3. Just an update: I went to my local Safeway supermarket and learned that they offer shrink wrapped dog bones of various sizes! These are not raw and have a long shelf life of about 18 months. Q. Any advantage to the raw ones?
  4. The answer is yes, there are no butchers here that I know of... oops, I think that got answered already..
  5. By the way, where does one get good/safe raw meaty bones? I'm in the Portland Oregon area...
  6. I have a BC puppy who's getting his new teeth now. Want to do it right from the beginning, and wondering what people do out there... My vet recommends every day and it seems excessive as Neo's diet is almost completely sugar free and consists mostly of plain good quality dog food. Would love to hear what you do!
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