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  1. Does anybody have suggestions for getting my pup to jump vertically? He'll jump any which way except straight up. When playing frisbee and he sees it will be going over him, he'll stand and stretch out to try to grab it. But that's not high enough and at that point jumping isn't possible. Holding treats and toys directly above or putting them in a tall bush/tree hasn't worked. And an entertaining vid I recorded recently. Doing a beagle impression. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjW4GeMTcQY
  2. Last summer at my mom's we were out back on the deck. Uzi got up on the integrated bench on the railing, front paws up on the railing looking around. I didn't think anything of it. Then he jumped. And my jaw dropped. From the top of the railing to the ground is at least 8 feet down. He landed just fine like motocross bike and carried on doing whatever. I couldn't believe it. He got a verbal scolding for that and has never done it again.
  3. You just got to say it a lot. I've had mine since 8 weeks, he's 13 weeks now. At this point he does know it, though he tends to have selective hearing frequently. Yeah, no I'm busy chewing on this thing. lalalalala
  4. I'm not going all out with agility training yet. I don't even have intentions of competing. I'm just testing his willingness and eagerness for different things right now. Looking good so far. The stairs video was his first time down on his own. In a matter of minutes he went from wanting nothing to with going down to leaping off the last few stairs. I was like Dude, chill!
  5. My pup likes the plastic lid to a Jif peanut butter jar. He smacks it around like a hockey puck or smacks down on the edge and it will flip. Really durable too, one of the few plastic things that stays intact. Milk jugs and noisy thin plastic water bottles are really enjoyed too. Sinking his teeth into cardboard boxes and tearing them apart is apparently a lot of fun too.
  6. A month ago I got my first dog of my own, a red (red mom, merle dad) from a local breeder that's involved with herding trials. I have previous BC experience because my step-sister+bro-in-law have had as many as three at a time. The first few days were a bit of a pain due have to get up frequently in the night for potty breaks. But he's really good at letting me know. Now it's just once during the night, though my nights are usually only six hours of sleep. Thankfully my mom is gladfully taking care of him during the day when I drop him off at her house on the way to work. She doesn't wor
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