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  1. Last year the benadryl seemed to keep it all at bay and it was the first time we had been able to be proactive and start the antihistamine before the itch began and not having to play catch up once she was already in a bad state. We assumed that the benadryl was our knight in shining armour... never occurred to us that it might just have been a really light season for her. We are wondering if she may have just built up a tolerance to it and it no longer works for her any more.. if that is even possible. our vet seems to think that if we can just break the cycle of itch and get her some relief then the benadryl might have a chance to work, we are trying this therapy for a week if it doesn't work or she still seems to be escalating and the itching hasn't lessened, she will be receiving steroid shots.... I will then discuss a permanent prescription that we can fill any time and dose her with. On a brighter note, she said the wounds look nice and clean and dry and that there doesn't seem to be any sign of infection, so theres a load off our minds, we are mighty glad about that. On a less happy note her poor neck which was already some what droopy is just hanging off of her now from the repeated and constant scratching with her hindlegs. Her waddle (any one else remember Ally Macbeal?) is almost completely hairless. Will it return to normal... or has she done herself some permanent damage? I'm really hoping the prednisone gives her some relief, I don't think she had any rest last night. I will be sure to post and let you all know how she is doing and thank you so very much all your help and suggestions, they were a real comfort to me. Even if I couldn't do any thing to help her, atleast could be proactive and know some things.... Thanks again Sara
  2. hello all Our wonderful vet has just been and gone, she agrees that Sammy is a truly pathetic sight. We are heavy dosing her with prednisone twice a day for 2-3 days, then halving the dose for 2-3 more days then just straihgt benadryl to see if we can break her itch cycle.... if it doesn't work she goes to injections.... Please cross your fingers for her, she really needs the rest both physical and mental Sara
  3. I used to sprinkle freshly ground flax seed on their meals, I can go back to doing that, I just thought that the oil might absorb better. I was intially VERY concerned about the fish in the kibble (but all of the good ones around here contain it: some are sprayed on the outside of the kibble so I completely avoided those), and gave it a test drive of a week to see if I was in any danger, but I seem to be doing alright, aside from occasional hives if I actually touch the kibble or let the girls kiss me too soon after they eat. I am even more hesitant about the supplements, as they are only fish oils, and not trace amounts like the kibble and therefore harder to avoid and more potent and deadly. I usually switch the girls to raw during the itchy season, as Sam tends to get some serious digestive issues once she's well and truly intrenched in her itching. I haven't been able to this year yet as we have a new baby, new job etc etc etc that are all demanding my time, I can barely get dinner on the table for my people family. Hopefully I can get a little more prepared and get them eating au-naturale. We have a wonderful new vet who makes house-calls so I will be calling her tomorow and hopefully getting our poor beleagured girl some relief. I just gave her a bath with mild shampoo, took alot of extra time rinsing to be sure we got every last vestige of soap off. she is still itching like mad but at least she is clean now and doesn't have the greasy film every where, the vet will be able to touch her now! I will be hitting the farm supply store orvus paste for both my puppies and my quilts, Thanks for the great tip. Sara
  4. Thanks to every one for all the responses. I have heard of Orvus's paste, but in reference to a laundry detergent for quilts... so thats pretty interesting. I would love to use the fish oil supplements and have had it suggested many times, unfortunately I am anaphylactic to all fish and seafood so even a trace amount any where and I could have a severe if not deadly reaction. we just can't chance it. I will stop the flax oil and see if that helps at all, I have given it to her many other times through out the year and she has never had a similar reaction, although if her body is already stressed it may be contributing to the issue. We just got back from a long day of errands to find she had managed to pry off her collar and has severely wounded her face and neck and her poor lips are three times their size from the constant scratching. We usually have t-gel shampoo around (of course not now when we need it) so I will grab some and give it a whirl, going to bathe her now and see if I can give the poor wee beastie some relief. Please keep the helpful ideas and comments coming, I would really appreciate any and all help Sara
  5. Sams allergies are definitely seasonal, we assume it is or is similar to ragweed as it usually begins with the hayfever season. It doesn't end with the season though, she becomes manic and obsessive and can't seem to stop herself from itching, chewing, biting, scratching and mutilating herself. Last year wasn't as bad: she had some awful itching for a few weeks, but the benadryl definitely helped her over the hump. This year she is worse then ever, reminiscent of the few years before she was prescribed benadryl. I think we will put in a call to the vet tomorow and see if perhaps we can get her a cortisone shot or somthing for some relief and maybe break the cycle of itch.... I don't know... I'll definitely be asking about the med you mentioned, hopefully the vet will agree. I want to bathe her tomorow, her coat is so very greasy and her skin and ears are covered in dirt (dragging herself on the ground in order to itch difficult spots) but in the past bathing seemed to agravate the problem, so I don't want to use the doggy shampoos, what about baby shampoo.... would the ph be all wrong? perhaps it would be better just to give her a good rinse with plain old water and a nice gentle rub down afterward... I hate to see her this way, she is so miserable, Can't wait for november or december when it all magically disappears. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or support. Sara
  6. my poor itchiy girl is really going out of her mind, her august itch as we call it came later this year (third week of Sept for full onset!) She is just mutilating herself while on 50mg of benadryl twice a day. ITs pretty safe to say that the benadryl, while it MUST be doing something to help somewhat, isn't doing enough! So heres the questionis there anything stronger that we can buy over the counter at our local drugstore or do I need to get a vets prescription? What are the choices for super atomic strength antihistamines for dogs, their side effects and any long term (2-3 months + use) considerations. We have an E- collar on her which has stopped her constant chewing but now she just itches with her back legs 24/7, she is destroying the backs of her forelegs broken right through the skin etc. Any advice? Sara ps: she is on Canidae, has flax oil added to her food and yoghurt aswell (to help her digestion, she once had a massive colon issue after her august itch due to the stress and the ridiculous amount of fur she was ingesting.
  7. I love when some one can show a completely different side to an issue or a debater. Hearing what the above poster said and then re-reading all of the original posters posts... really is interesting. It is so easy to mis-represent ourselves in anonymous cyberspace that it is kinda fun if some one is called on it, reminds us that we aren't necessarily dealing with who we thought (like those after shool special type commericals Warning children of the dangers of cyberspace!) Looking forwrd to seeing a rebuttal or response on this thread, I think you have been called out! Sara
  8. I think you need to re-read the other posts.... they are objecting to breeding for performance and saying that the colour shouldn't be the issue if they are not herd-worthy dogs... "work" is defined as the ability to herd and to herd well, agility or obedience isn't work, it is skill and very impressive but isn't or shouldn't be a consideration in breedings. To Doug, a few decades or even a century of misbreeding can ONLY lead to the demise of the breed as it should be, its just common sense. I came to this board completely green and after a few years of reading I can now see what they are discussing and understand the ramifications of it, keep reading To the original poster: It seems that the misinterpretation of posts on the whole has been from your end not theirs, so perhaps try to re-read the thread obejectively to see if you can see what they are saying. It is a point worth understanding.
  9. Just wondering if any one knows of a tracking club in Ontario (preferably in driving distance of the GTA) as well as flyball clubs and agility clubs, is there a site for these? I haven't had very much luck with my searchs thus far, though truth be told I am still a newbie at all of this. sara
  10. I really feel I have to reply to this thread.... Ontario Schools are not as hideously awful as the spelling and grammar of the originator of this threads is leading every one to believe. Although they do encourage run on sentences in cyber speak as you can tell!!!! Please don't be lead into false assumptions by one person, while we do have our share of uneducated or ignorant people they are certainly not the norm. oh yeah and I agree with the others, very trollish behavior, baiting, non responsive and far too much time on their hands. sara (An unamused Ontarian)
  11. thank you both for the speedy replies, I too think it may have been more of an abcess too, they have never smelled like this before. Thankfully a whole night of wearing the ecollar has allowed it to drain and seems to have calmed it down, I have washed the site with plain water and put on some polysporin to hopefully fight infection and keep it moderately clean until the vet gets here at 3:00-ish. (yes our vet makes house calls... Isn't she fantastic?) I'm hoping that she will say just let it drain, keep it clean and leave it alone, as I don't like the idea of sam having any more surgeries, (Our vet just heard a mild heart murmur on her this [ast visit and now I am even more cautious about the whole surgical route) Is polysporin ok to put on it or should I wash it off and just let the wound breathe ???? sara
  12. Help, my ever-exploding hound cross has had a cyst for well over a year now, it burst today or was popped and it smells rancid, there is runny cheesy matter coming out of the cyst that is well tinged with blood. she has had cysts before that popped and they all drained and came back and drained and came back and eventually required surgery, this one has blood in it and smells nasty and I'm very concerned... I'll be calling the vet in tommorow and hopefully find out what to do about it but till then can any one give some advice on what to do with it>? She is wearing an E-collar (and hating every minute of it) as she tends to become compulsive about her bodily issues, turns right into lick granulomas etc. help please! sara
  13. Hello Every one Just read "Dogs behaving Badly" and thought there was a lot of interesting information in it and I was just wondering what the collective here thought of him and his work.... he tends to go a bit further than I would with anthropomorphism but has some really neat ideas about turning around the dog/owner realtionship and working through some of the tougher behavioural issues.... I haven't read anything my O'Connel (??? patricia...) yet but am trying to get the library to stock it! Appreciate all of your insights sara
  14. Well said Gary, and power to you for standing up for yourself inspite of of ridiculous and petty counter arguments that were themselves completely lacking in logic and apparently valid content. FAR TOO many people have been run off of this board by the "I can TYPE louder than you" mentality. sara
  15. Thanks for the reply Eileen She isn't a chewer or licker at all, so I have no reason to think that it is her saliva dying her fur, must just be a weird Kaos thing Thanks for the help! sara
  16. Hi all Just wondering if having pink hair on the bottom of their feet is indicative of a food allergy as I was once told???? A vet once mentioned that the pinking of the fur (kaos has mostly white fur on the bottom of her paws) was a sign/symptom of a food allergy or intolerance and that all food groups should be eliminated and then reintroduced one at a time to see what the casusative agent is. She has had pink fur for the last 3-4 years and has been fed innova, canidae, iams, eukanuba, beneful (I know I know, we switched as soon as we were educated!) and has always had it. I would be willing to try and figure out her trigger (if the pink is an allergy symptom and not an old wives tale) but wonder how long she would have to be ona bland diet for the pink colouring to disappear in order to watch for its reappearance..... sorry I'm rambling now, its late and I'm tired... has any one else ever heard of this? sara
  17. I brought Kaos to sheep when she was five years old. She has always had a really neat crouch and slow walk up, a steely gaze and a seeming need to control situations. She learned voice commands for circle left and right and run back ... farther back etc. So we always wondered (as all completely ignorant newbies do) if our girl might be able to wrap her head around herding (in a hobby form only as we are unfortunately very citified) She didn't really notice the sheep, certainly didn't turn on and while in the pen was more interested in chasing shadows on the ground and goofing off (exhibiting some of the idiotic tendencies that she has come up with to compensate for lack of mental stimulation in earlier life that was allowed to take hold!). She actually started to show some interest in the last ten minutes of the audition (as we like to call it!) The moral of the story you may ask???? I figure that all the years of taking her dog parks and teaching "NO> NO CHASING THOSE ANIMALS" and that she should always look to me for all guidance and direction have completely hampered any natural impulses and instincts she may have had. So you can see that the training we instill in the dogs will vastly influence their potential. The very thing I discouraged in her (thinking for herself etc) was the very thing she needed most. Now in hindsight and with an eye to the future, I have been told by some people that one time around sheep wasn't a fair trial of our wee beastie and that some dogs take a few trys to turn on. And in view of this I will be attempting to do a few lessons with her, I don't mind spending the money but we will always be hampered by my severe inadequacies (complete lack of understanding and know how!!!)I will be the one receiving most of the training which will hopefully free her up from the constraints I have placed on her. With all that said though we are awaiting the birth of our second beautiful child and the dogs as usual will be bumped to last on the list for awhile, so all of this is mere speculation at this point. Sara (just my ignorant two cents but something taht bears thinking about)
  18. consider that the running and barking may be about lights and shadows.. my BC has been allowed (unfortunately to develop some compulsive habits around glimmers/rays of light and shadows.. things that we are frankly not accustomed to noticing yet she takes great interest in and tries to play with and pounce on.... if this is the case, you may want to stop it right away and try to redirect the excitement into a more intelligent use of her energies... good luck sara
  19. My parents vet told them that the polysporin ointment wasn't good for dogs but that the cream was acceptable. My father didn't remember why. Has any one else heard this? I was wondering if it was petroleum based products that were to be avoided rather than whatever makes the creamy stuff creamy. Interesting topic, How about witch hazel in an open wound? I certainly wouldn't put it I my eye and therefore would now rule it out, but I have used it in the past. My houndX had a massive autoimmune reaction (developed into a baseball sized tumour we had removed) and I'm wondering now if I brought it on by repeatedly cleaning the cyst with witch hazel.... sara
  20. people.... focus on just what scouts mama has said.. 1. dog is hurt, yet they haven't gone to the vet 2. akc registration 3. they are just getting into the bc breed, yet want to breed in ignorance of the breed 4. THey have a lot of "friends" who breed herding dogs and even a few who breed bcs yet don't know of any studs in californianor how to find them so they ask on the internet 5. they want to breed her and see what she throws , yet don't have a clue what a bc is supposed to be for, nor acknowledge any problem with over production of inferior and sub standard bred dogs filling shelters and rescues etc etc etc... Honestly why do you all keep responding? the person is coming off as extremely trollish to present so many conflicting posts ; don't have money, have money, dog is hurt, dog isn't too hurt, don't herd, doesn't know anything about bcs, has friends who know all about bcs... I can understand why you are all trying to educate and stop a back yard breeder and I applaud your efforts but this really seems kinda fake and designed to get a rise... if it is real then good on you if not well best intentions and all. sara
  21. I have a bc?lab (??? or so we were told) cross too. She is about 22" and weighs in at 43 pounds. We have always considered her body type as more representative of her Lab side. She has a large barrel chest and is rather stocky and powerfully built but with a slightly tucked waist. She was some what over weight from puppy hood unitl she was about 4ish, we now have a handle on it and although she will always look large next to my hound X (whippet type of body!) I feel that she is at a more healthy weight and that it is proportinately distributed. She could still probably stand to go leaner, but like I said for the amount of exercise she can take I am happy with her weight. We feed 2 cups of innova to each of the dogs per day. So they get one cup in the morning each and one in the evening and various peelings, and fruits and veg through out the day as I prepare meals. They also get raw meat and bones once or twice a week, and we adjust their kibble intake accordingly. It has taken me about 5 years to find a diet regimen for them that I feel good about and I am happy to report that their coats are beautiful and glossy and my hound X who has skin issues is actually doing really well, now. just my two cents. sara ps: do you have any photos of your or other bc/lab crosses I would love to compare, part of the reason I love mixed breeds, they are so very different from each other!
  22. Update: Well, I called the vet today, as we are into november and I figure the ground is only going to get more slushy and soggy and muddy from here on in, so...... long story short Kaos goes in for surgery tommorow to have the wound freshened and the flap sutured down. This way we are told the wound will heal in a weeks time rather than a months and will be much cleaner etc etc etc. I hate putting my girls under for anything but I really do trust this vet s opinion (even though this was our first meeting , always heard wonderful things about her no-nonsense do whats best for the dog approach!) so here we go. She goes in tommorow morning and fingers crossed all goes well she will be home and stoned by lunch! thanks for all the wonderful advice and help it is really appreciated! sara
  23. HI Doc Thanks for the speedy reply, the wound is actually several days old now, so I'd say stitches are definitely out, the flap is rather thickish so I AM worried that it may just heal that way, I don't think it is too likely that the flap will re-attach at this point. It still looks fine, no sign of infection and she is fairly good about leaving it alone, she is a very tough little dog, has always been very stoic about injuries, unlike my peculiar weenie little hound X. I think we will give it a few days, see how it goes and then if I'm in any doubt at all I will call up the vet. sara
  24. Hi all My kaos has injured her foot (in the house of all places.....?) It is the back right foot; top inside above the last toe, well up on the foot. I originally thought it was just a scrape so I left well enough alone and just reminded her to leave it alone. Now, however, we have examined it more closely and its more than a scrape, she seems to have a dime sized flap of flesh (fur,skin, tissue too!) that is hanging on partially, occasionally covering the injury. Both the skin flap and the underlying tissue look allright, reddish, pink and dry no sign of infection. It is obviously far too late to even think about stitches so should we.... 1.leave it and keep an eye on it? 2.bind it and check it regularly? 3. go to the vet and have the flap cut off? I guess I'm wondering if it will work like a blister and the top flap of skin will just shrivel up and fall off, or if the flap will just try to repair (not reattach to the injured area underneath) but heal up and stay attached? Or worse yet the flap will encourage infection by covering and uncovering the wound so often.... what do you all think? sara
  25. My houndX has skin issues very similar to the ones diane was describing. So far she has had two surgeries to remove two of them... the first was a benign cyst/tumour on her chest that she wouldn't leave alone and just kept worrying. The second was a bump that kept growing/pooping/seeping/growing etc for over a year and then eventually stopped popping and just kept growing, it got to be the size of a baseball on her neck and our vet said it was an extreme autoimmune reaction to popped csyt. It had tendrils reaching out all over her body and it is a huge 5 1/2 inch scar now (which is pretty big on a 45 pound dog) I do wish they had cut out the cyst that was only 1/2 cm away from the surgery site as it has now started the process all over again, and I am scared it will go the same way. Do you think we should pre-emptively have all of her vaious lumps and bumps (currently about 6 on her body right now)removed at once or just leave them and wait and see if they keep growing or if they resolve on their own. I would rather not put her under again, but the one on her bum is growing and seems to be rather hard and sensitive, she definitely gets nervous about our checking it.??????? sara
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