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  1. Hello every one I was hoping for some information from those in the know.... My inlaws have a lab that has had ear infections for his whole life (he is 9), when they clean his ears it is a thick, gunky chocolatey goo. He is also a chronic foot licker and chewer. I mentioned that I thought it may be an allergy to something in his kibble, so they asked the vet who put him on some kind of science diet food can't remember which one or if it was science diet, any way it didn't clear it up at all and he is still pretty uncomfortable. They swish out the goo fairly regularly ( I think once a week) but it is always back with a vengenance. Do you folks have any suggestions or words of wisdom? Sara
  2. My girl does whine, but it sounds very much like a manic little piglet. Its pretty hard not to giggle like a school girl when she does it. She generally accompanies the whine with her "dance of the bumblebees" bum wiggle. She certainly is a character. Sara
  3. The cancer stats were certainly cause for concern, however, since cancer stats (for different cancers) ,are very similar without a spay, are similarly frightening and spay surgery also prevents more dogs from being carelessly produced, I think the spay still wins for me. These studies all seem to referrence each other, do you have one handy that doesn't substaniate itself by quoting the same studies over and over? As well alot of the studies had to do with early spay and neuters, which I believe we have all some what agreed upon or atleast agreed to disagree. Apart from stats on two possible incidents of cancer, this study hasn't said any thing different from painted ponies, I can't say that this sort of thing would sway my opinion, is there perhaps a better study that you found persuasive that you could direct me to? Sara
  4. Hi there I think they are similar however, I was told that tennis balls are like emery boards for the dog's teeth. You may want to do a search on these boards to find out more. I know my one ball fanatic has some seriously ground down teeth, as I didn't realize it until she was older (things I wish I had know earlier!) Now adays she doesn't get tennis balls, just smooth balls made of less abrasive material. Sara Dog toys are freakishly expensive though aren't they? especially at the rate my one goes through them, her nick name is the "evicerator" ;p
  5. Alrightey. First off, sorry for the long time in replying, life is hectic as always, plus I really wanted to go throught the articles and links posted. Now, you are absolutely correct, I didn't provide nearly enough information in my post as I should have... you see I completely agree with delaying a neuter to allow the growth plates to close on a dog who will need to maintain a high level of stamina or perfomance. I still think that spay should be before the first heat to better ward off tumours. Where as a dog with a ligment tear will be impeded in some aspects of their life, they will not be undergoing extended treatment for cancer which can potentially kill them in a fairly horrible way. Journey: I think reproductive responsibility is very well defined by altering a pet that is not to be used for breeding purposes. Your example dealt with WHEN to alter the pet not IF, a point that we were both making. Painted Ponies: I read through your articles, and yet I didn't see any thing that was truly worse than cancer mentioned. The hip dysplasia correlation listed only one study corrobroating that claim. The parts dealing with temperament change contain wording that is vague and more suggestive than concrete ie: "...the results of that study suggested that spayed female dogs of SOME breeds tend to be more aggressive.... " frankly I think that the manner in which the study was carried out was too subjective and less specific and controlled than I would want or be able to put much faith in, so I will continue to believe the historical proof of the past few decades with myriad female dogs being spayed and very few showing aggression directly related to spaying. The part of that article that I liked was that they were looking for alternatives to surgical spay/neuter not looking to avoid controlling reproductive abilities. I for one would be over joyed if they were able to find a safe alternative to complete removal of reproductive organs and what not, Just like I wish the medical field would find some less invasive and hormonally crippling methods for human birth control! But above all, I believe that in order to stop the absurd numbers of pets being PTS every day and until joe public can be properly educated in appropriate pet ownership and responsibility that these measures are justified and necessary. The surgical dangers are no less real for an older dog undergoing cancer surgery than they are for a young healthy dog under going a spay or neuter. I personally would prefer my dog undergo that sort of thing while they are spry enough to recover. Likewise the UTI's while very upsetting to both dog and owner are not usually lethal as cancer can be or lethal as a difficult pregnancy or birth or phantom pregnancy. Not to mention 20% chance of UTIs or urinary incontinence compared to the occurence of mammary cancers in unspayed bitches or testicular cancer in unneutered dogs is a pretty easy choice for me. Liz. P. you mention a laundry list of side effects but do not provide names, articles or links so I cannot comment, I am sure it is true and there really are some horrible side affects but I would like to know much more about it than a vague referrence. I agree completely with what you say about the ability to control a pet in any situation regardless of its reproductive status, however, I think that level of control is by far the exception and not the rule. To say that an intact dog in your hands is well controlled may be a far cry from most people from the general public as well from this board, myself included. I agree that neutering is a treatment and that until the general public can be better educated and the issue is given the attention it requires, it is a very necessary one that should not be blown off because.." I don't want to!". Borderlicious: I apologize again, I neglected to make known my thoughts on early neutering. I think it is a necessary evil that shelters and resucers MUST do in order to not contribute to the problem they are trying to rectify. I think for average owners who recognize the difficulties associated with spay/neuter that waiting until the growth plates have closed or just before the first heat is fine as long as appropriate care is taken to ensure that their dog is under control at all times. Having had a pet have a poor reaction to anaesthesia is scary and would obivously lead to some trepidation on your behalf, completely understandable. However, each dog is different and what happened with one is no guarantee it will happen with the next, the surgeries are still worthwhile and necessary. Good for you for recognizing the need for it and overcoming your fears, it must have been difficult. Anda: I am sorry you feel I am blowing every thing out of proportion just to make my point, that was not my intent. I do feel you need to take a look at your situation and truthfully answer if he is under control at all times (the bitch in heat at the park comment for example, if you bring an intact male, why do you assume no one would bring an intact female?) I do not want to fight with you either, and you are right it is easy to get very emotional about the subject. I, for one, am very passionate about the subject especially when I interpret some one as being flippant about it (" duck and cover" "throw stones here") I however, am not on the front lines, I just volunteer occassionaly when my schedule allows, I can't imagine how emotional the true rescuers and shelter workers must get. You say you haven't made any decisions, I would just ask that you continue to think about it and ensure that your dog is under control at all times and that you don't leave any thing to chance. Sara
  6. I think that a truly responsible owner CAN safely own an intact dog.... however, I think that alot of people are deluded as to their actual level of control and would be really surprised the first time the dog blows them off to find a mate... all it takes is once, why do people always want to learn the hard way? I stand by my post, I think it is utterly irresponsible to go to dog parks and have an intact male unleashed around many random dogs (of whom you know nothing about) and say that you are in control of your animal and their reproductive abilities. I think that if you were to do a search of your past threads you would see many such contradictions in your posts of this nature. I don't think you are being deliberately contradictory, I think you may just not realize the reality of your situation... for example, You state that your dog is never aggressive or bitey and then proceed to say that he bites your husbands heels, that he is never aggressive but that he fights at the dog parks... you see where this is going.... he is never out of my sight except at the park.... The present pet over population problem is horrible right now due to that type of assumption. I think you should go to a shelter not once but several times and see the dogs waiting for homes and biding their time until they are PTS, then GO BACK and see how many are gone and how many have come in to fill it right back up again, then GO BACK AGAIN and notice how many are gone and that a whole new crop of dogs (some of them from unplanned matings from irresponsible people who thought they had control) are now in awaiting euthanasia. Likewise I find it ridiculous that people think only the females should be fixed (massive surgical intervention as opposed to a pretty easy snippity snip both should be done), how ridiculous. If your dog does impregnate a bitch, it would completely hypocritical to judge the other owner as irresponsible for leaving his bitch intact, when you are doing the exact same thing. Why do people always pass the buck when it comes to responsiblity? What is it you think he will be missing out on? Unless he is the most impressive example of his breed and you have carefully researched and decided upon an appropriately stellar mate, why leave him intact? I have yet to hear any one state a reasonable reason for leaving a dog intact other than that the hormones are meant to be there (hint hint to continue the propagation of the species... biological imperative), you have the example of decades of dogs who are not adversely affected by castration and spay, so what is the hold out? .... what do you know that you aren't sharing with the rest of the world and history? Sara
  7. I have to say I think that the justification for keeping a male dog intact because "no one would bring a bitch in heat to a dog park" is pretty weak. Why are you relying on other people's good sense to prevent unwanted pups???? Why should you be let off the hook? Unplanned pregnancies are just that: UNPLANNED, all it takes is a whoops moment and poof you have just contributed to the pet overpopulation problem, or maybe some jerk lets his intact bitch roam and she comes looking for your guy, they say a 6 foot fence is no guarantee and that it only takes a hole in the fence or gate... poof they tie and you are now a deadbeat dad, because you don't know, aren't contributing to their care or being responsible for their well being. I guess, I feel that the gender issue is pretty pathetic, why is it the owners of female dogs who are responsible? it takes two right? What if their dog is a young pup in an early unnoticed heat and poof... there are just so many variables, and if he isn't a stellar working representative of the breed and you have zero plans to breed him, why risk the cancers and possible baby making? I don't really understand what the hold out is. To assume that jo public dog owner is going to be responsible when you aren't is pretty hypocritical isn't it? With a previous thread of 1000 dogs being PTS in a very short order of time, several rescuers working diligently daily to save the lives of hundreds of dogs I have to say I find your choices and justifications pretty appalling. Social conscience says alot about a person. Sara
  8. Thinking positive thoughts for you and Ben. I can't even imagine how horrid this must feel. Sara
  9. Thats a good point. Because even if you Pm the person all the lurkers don't get that information and as she said only get one side. I guess all we can do is point to the "puppy buying tips" on the site and the "read this first" section and hope for the best... But yes free advertising for less that savoury breeders is crappy. Sara
  10. I'm curious... if you were to buy a car and looked it over and liked it, then found out it had the worst safety rating on the market, would you still stand on your previous verbal agreement? Seems more like deliberate gulibility verging on wilful ignorance rather than honourable behaviour. I find it hard to believe that there are no quality, honourable breeders in your area?
  11. What is a GA dog? I'm not sure why you would want two dogs, let alone one dog from this breeder. The puppy is adorable, but then again...all puppies are, if it is the designer colour you want...well... a dog is so much more than their fur. If I were so inclined to believe that I couldn't get what I wanted in a rescue (Which I am decidely NOT), I would be looking for dogs with the best chance at a good temperament and appropriate drive, something that doesn't enter into the usual fancy colour equations. My opinion would be that any one dual registering is not doing the border collie a favour and therefore is an unworthy breeder. Like wise the fact that they have: 4 week old pups 5 week old pups 6 week old pups and 7 week old pups on the ground right now...at the same time!!! with out a waiting list of adopters and exhibiting almost every possible colour in the spectrum tells you pretty clearly what their breeding goals are and it would not appear to be the betterment of the breed. That is an insane amount of puppies. I would probably call their local shelters and see if any or how many of these pups end up at the pound for lack of demand, likewise I would call the local breed specific rescues and ask their opinion of this breeder. To be honest, I think that if you have already read the "read this first" section of the boards and Eileen's link you already know what kind of breeder this may be. If you admire the breed so much, you need to ask yourself why and if you really want to support and enable a breeder that may be deliberately destroying it. Secondly, you may want to solicit recommendations of breeders from the membership here and see what your other options in your area are. Sara
  12. I tend to view the reasons that people return pets with a bit of cynicism. Kind of like a break up scenario, people never want to A) hurt the other person and come off as looking bad. So you hear things like "he licks too much" when really the silly git (deadbeat owner) just found out that walking the dog twice a day and having to give it attention, feed it, play with it, and vet it were all really inconvenient and cut into their tv time. But they can't say that because who wants to admit to being that shallow. They probably figure that if they return the dog for the asinine reason of too much licking, it won't hurt the dogs chances to be adopted by someone else. It is the whole "its not you its me" thing, you would never say "your too co-dependent, require far too much attention and commitment of my time, are too demanding of affection...etc" no you would say, gee my job has changed and I just can't give you what you need...what you deserve etc So yeah, I think human vanity and ego prompt alot of lies in this situation. All of this to say, that I really don't think we deserve the love and worship taht our canines bestow on us.... as a species we are decidedly unworthy. Sara
  13. 10 years old ? Wow, what happened that they had to leave him at the shelter? The poor guy must be so sad. Your doing a great thing and I really commend you for giving a senior guy a few more nice years. Sara
  14. If I were to get two pups (which I personally wouldn't) I would get a male and a female. I have two females (1 year apart) and they were fine together (wonderful, actually) until they were about 4ish (long enough for us to love them both equally etc) when they began inter-dog aggression. You see they are equally dominant, sized, ranked etc so they are always testing one another and it takes very little for an escalation and an out and out fight, which will NOT be resolved and may eventually lead to a death or fatal injuries. I would personally, get one, have it for quite a awhile and ensure that it was trained and amenable to other dogs etc and then consider the second... getting two for company doesn't always work and the result can be heart breaking. Two people don't always get along, I don't understand why I assumed two dogs would? Sara
  15. any one tried the gentle leader harness? apparently they have a new product that is a harness type, to prevent pulling but not worn on the head.. no time now, but I will google it later to check it out. Sara
  16. Thanks MaggieDog That article is quite helpful. My concern is that the dog is walking at a constant pull, inother words the collar is always constricted...it isn't "Training" anything. I was hoping to get him to use a gnetle leader or halti (even if he misuses these, and allows him to pull, I wonder if the damage would be less brutal) Does any one have any statistics on these type of collars? Sara
  17. Thanks for all the replies, they are really interesting However, not being a fan of prong collars and seeing them incorrectly and over-used I would hesitate to steer him in that direction... So does any one recall an article about Haltis, gentle leaders, or something like that.. would a martingale be more favourable? It is for an intact, somewhat pushy male airedale that needs to learn some leash manners etc. Sara
  18. Hi every one I recall reading an article at some point about the extent of damage to the dogs trachea from a choke collar but I can't remember the name of the article.. can any one point me in the right direction? It is for my father, who won't listen to me, but will to an expert. Sara
  19. I am so happy it is going so well.. your doing a wonderful thing taking care of them. How are they doing with your red dog? I'm sorry I forgot his name... he was a rottiXpit I think? Any hoo, just wanted to say I admire you for helping th eold girls out! Sara
  20. Maybe you could phrase it to the family in an "economy" type of way...ie: "Wow 6 cups a day... you must be working just to feed her. Imagine what you could do with the 20 dollars a week you could save if you slimmed her down and fed her the appropriate amount. Not to mention the vet bills you will save yourself. Overweight animals tend to have way more health problems later on then healthy dogs"... Maybe something that tugs at their pocket book could help them see the light. I find when you mention all the money people are allowing their dog to crap out it tends to make an impression. Also mentioning issues that overweight dogs tend to have and the cost of their treatment may be a good inducement to pay some attention. If you do suggest any of it be armed with helpful advice on how to slim her down, the pumpkin one is a good start. Sara
  21. Thanks I found it too! Looks to be a great event... See you there! Sara
  22. Gee I actually managed to arrange to be in Kingston this weekend too!!!! Where is the trial held? Is it Meeken something? or is that the last name of the lady organizing it? Could you direct me to a link for information please? Sara
  23. Hi Barb Thank you for those links, it really helped jog the old memory. That is exactly what my vet was discussing (administrator had misspelled it on our receipt). Kaos is to have 1 shot each week for four weeks and then once she is at a therapeutic level she will receive one shot per month. Which, after reading through those links, further leads me to believe her hips are pretty awful, poor baby. I have opted to give her the shots myself, so next friday we head back to the clinic where she will observe me administering kaos's second dose and then, if I do well and seem competent she will load us up with some supplies. I have my hopes set on this, as I am hoping for an even greater decrease in our inter dog aggression as well as her ability to enjoy life. To be honest, I think I already see a positive change in her realtions both to people and other dogs. She is less quick to posture and become snarly, is definitely initiating play even more with us and with sam and seems to have a more jolly/contented appearance. That said, I have nothing really to base it all on, and it could just be wishful thinking.... awww forget I am determined to be positive! Thanks for all the help and the personal anecdotes. It is nice to have personal stories to draw from and compare to. Sara
  24. Thank you for the speedy responses. I have had her on a three in one MSN, glucosamine, chondroiten liquid supplement for the last few years, it has made a tremendous difference in her pain levels as well as her personality. She only displays aggression and pain when she has been exercised or played with too aggressively. I got the impression from our vet that she considered kaos to be quite a tough dog. She always wants to play and run and seems very confused as to why she isn't allowed to anymore (we give her small short games of fetch just for her peace of mind, but her exercise is down to long walks and swimming). I went to the vet FOR the pain meds becuase no one believed what I had long suspected, that her aggression may have been due to chronic pain...I insisted on the xrays (with vet AND husband) because I wanted to be able to prove or disprove those assumptions. I have to say I was alittle surprised when she said no to the metacam too... She told me that the surgery would be the ultimate pain reliever and that she could jump and play after that, but that with the state her hips are in now, that any crazy activity (as I have no doubt she would do!) would lead to a completedestruction of what little movement she has and lead ultimately to the surgery (which my husband would not agree to, nor could we really afford at the moment) The Cartafen (damn just forgot how to spell it again) is supposed to be for helping her arthritis I believe, it rebuilds cartilage or something... shoot I wish I could remember exactly how she explained it... I even asked her to repeat it to me because I didn't quite get it the first time. She said that it would have a very similar affect to the pain meds and we could expect a favourable response almost as soon as receiving the injection. She doesn't show pain and now that we are not running her or allowing her to run herself into the ground she is doing wonderfully. Her quality of life is pretty good, she is always very happy and cuddly and just loves to be with us and she is much better around Sam (ever since the msm,gluc,chond supplementing). So is do you think the med I have consistently misspelled is the same as the one you are talking about? Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate them very much and take them to heart. Sara
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