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  1. I always thought that the LGDs were primarily white so that they blended in with the flock and were less obvious to predators, thus allowing them a sort of stealth mode....
  2. my Kaos would submissive urinate and did so until she was about 4ish... she would do it when excited, scared, nervous, apprehensive, happy.... you get it, any strong emotion, it isn't something they can control and freaking out on them will only make it worse and occur more frequently. If you encounter this again, I would probably just bring him right outside allow him to pee and what ever else he needs and go back in a clean it up, don't fuss, don't draw attention to it... his ears are pinned back in all of his pictures, he looks fairly stressed, I would think you may want to just set a routine and stop pushing him so hard, your way or the highway isn't going to help his stress levels either. Lying in it is not a sign of hugely abnormal behaviour, he is in a crate... can't really get away from it. sara
  3. Lots of loving thoughts going out to Lady! Sara
  4. Quite frankly I don't think Julie was rude at all, she just didn't say what you wanted to hear. This board is ALL about doing what is best for the border collie breed and all other dogs... seems to me that human education is one of the most important aspects of that. To laugh off your sons actions as so big hearted and and to rail on board members who try to point out the irresponisbility of his actions is ridiculous. Good luck finding a pit bull rescue, I hope the poor pup can have a decent life and I would certainly have your son doing the phoning around and also scrounging the money ( a job is good but savings if he doesn't currently have one) to pay for her care to and offset his poor choices and the burden he is placing on the rescue system. Likewise I would probably march him through the pound or have him volunteer so he can gain some real world experience and perspective. Sara
  5. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for the Lady! Sara
  6. I wonder if you could call your local 4H club adn see if there were any groups nearby that might be willing to help you exercise and train Polo. Do you have mandatory community work (volunteer hours) that local highschool students must fulfill before graduation because I bet the teachers could recommend a a nice kid to come by and help. Just a thought if you don't have friends with children or friends who could pop by to exercise him sara
  7. I think you may want to slow WAY down, you may have amped up the schedule too quickly. After this incident I would probably go back to square one. Instead of looking at things daily, maybe try to look at long term gain, that way the one step forward forty back won't seem so disappointing. I think you may want to pretend that tomorow is the first day you are meeting and go from there, don't let this incident define your relationship. It must be frustrating, I really feel for you. You are doing a great thing and I think the world of you for helping this poor guy. Sara
  8. I have to agree with Melanie here, I think this is a really bad idea.... all it takes is one criminal type person to access the website, get another dog to bite them, wander over to a property listed on the site and "claim" that the dog labeled dangerous had bit them... poof lawsuits, dead dog etc..... I don't think humans have enough integrity to maintain self control in the face of such openess of information. Sara
  9. Is adequan like cartrophen? my hd dog was on injections for quite awhile and they seemed to help at first. Sara
  10. I feel your pain.. I went through the same thing with my three year old. Not sure if it would work or not, but after waiting 8 hours in emerg on a weekend evening (therefore at approx 2 am) a nurse asked if we had tried the blow thing.... I asked a bulb aspirator? she said "no" "you blow hard into the unplugged nostril and the foreign object comes catapulting out... worked like a charm... interestingly the nurse was shocked that the triage nurse didn't suggest it 8 hours previously! Not sure if it would work on dogs but hey you never know right? Sara
  11. I was just wondering if he has severe separation anxiety? If he gets upset when you leave.,.... he may work himself up into such a state that he inadvertently gives himself diarhea, perhaps you could give him some calming meds or some thing incase he is very upset. of course he may know that everytime he goes in the crate, you get upset when he comes out and that has become a self-perpetuating cycle... its a tough one. I hope you find some answers and in the mean time give Nick a scritch behind the ears for me! Sara
  12. What exactly is a "night drop" ? Seriously, I don't know I have a vision of a post box with the little slidey/chute thing. Sara
  13. I forget who always directs me to the dosing chart for antihistamines, but there is a really kind soul who has it earmarked and will save you the trouble of searching the archives. If they don't show up though, you can search the archives under benadryl/chlortriplon/antihistamine dosing chart or some other combination and you are sure to find it. For helpful starters my 50 lb mutt mix can get three benadryls three times a day (I would be on the floor drooling but she is fine with it, crazy huh?) She usually gets 2 twice a day for her allergies during ragweed season. She is generally some what stoned the first few days and then evens out and is not noticeably drugged. Sara
  14. I have to say, I really feel badly for that poor dog. She is the one who is going to pay the worst price for this kind of loser owner. Sara
  15. Not sure why you would even stay on the site if they discuss the "perfect markings" and "show quality"? Bizarre Sara
  16. Just thought I would speak up and say, If you are hoping to minimize your chances of conflict, it is generally a poor idea to get two female dogs of roughly the same age, size and dominance. The dominance won't show itself for quite awhile till the honeymoon period is over and you are both completely smitten. My two have inter-dog aggression, bitch fights don't end with out intervention or serious injury. you could search on inter-dog agression and see some of the issues I have had to deal with and see if this is something you would be able to deal with. My two were fine with each other for 4 years until it started. Just thought I would mention it as no one else has. It may be better to grab a male for the sake of domestic peace. Sara
  17. Just read this on MSN... I am in utter shock... I don't even want to say what I am thinking of this guy but clearly he has as much intelligence as Katz. The pros and cons of dogs from a pet shelter Thoughts? Sara
  18. She looks Fabulous! So happy..... Is that one of those "tinkle" balls???? we had one... big emphasis on the HAD LOL Well done, My two old girls both have some old lady bumps that we are watching... still debating on the best course of action. I hate the whole damned if you do, damned if you don't thing. It would be nice to have a crystal ball , see into the future for the best course of action wouldn't it? Sara
  19. LOL Oh Barb you didn't offend me at all... I was just curious why no one had questioned her apparent interest in continuing a line of sport bred dogs becuase some where way back in the lineage one of them did agility well... I kinda felt like I was in the bizarro episode of Seinfeld.... thats all. Oh and I may have interpreted it wrong when she stated " I was told that the sire had to be put down right after breeding, so that means his line stops with my pup, my thought was that if it was in the sires pedigree, then I don't want to neuter him." But it seemed to me that she was inferring that she would breed the dog to continue the line based on what level of agility the sire had and not on any of her own dogs accomplishments (regardless of the fact that breeding should never be based on agility performance, only on herding ability) Sara
  20. So... your all trying to help someone who thinks their dog may have a sporting title in his ancestry and openly proclaims that they wish to breed it if that is so.....? Does no one read the " read this first section" any more? I think if you have a dog, you should enjoy it, leave the breeding to the experts and maybe research a bit more about the breed to understand why what your proposing is counter productive. Sara
  21. Am I the only one who thinks he looks like an adorable gene simmons all made up for a kiss concert? Seriously those eye markings are absolutely adorable, you lucky thing you! Sara
  22. my one dog will freak if she smells burning anything (including bbq) or hears the beep beep of any alarm (think fire alarm or clock radio) my other dog, is terrified of balloons.... took us a bit to figure it all out, but now we can be proactive about helping them deal or just plain avoid their triggers. Sara hope you find some answers soon, its not fun trying to figure out these things, don't you just wish they could speak english sometimes?
  23. Maralynn would you please pm your guidelines as well? Sara
  24. I think your wonderful! I wish more people would take the time to care like you have. You didn't have to stop, you could easily have assumed it was some one elses problem and kept going. Frankly I generally lose faith in humanity, but all it takes is one moment like yours and I know we can't all be so rotten. I hope the vet has good news tomorow. Sara
  25. I think your mind is pretty much made up. If you go back and look at the posts about Ido from the last while, you have queried giving her up at least once a month for last few months... I think you should probably just listen to what your heart is saying and stop looking for every ones approval. Provided you rehome the dog sensibly and I don't see you being ousted by the group. Sara
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