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  1. Hi Nancy Thanks for your quick response, any and all info is really helpful. Your right it may not be a fear response, she isn't super salivating, nor are her eyes overly huge and freaky, although her ears are pinned back. She shivers and shakes or glues herself to our sides. This is unusual because she isn't an overly affectionate girl, when she wants attention she will approach and stand quietly in your presence and wait for a pet or poke you to demand one, not snuggle up or glue herself to you for any contact at all. She doesn't appear disoriented so much as unreachable. She will sit, come follow, do all of her commands but will be velcro. Her co-ordination is fine she can do stairs and jump up on beds or furniture with no issues. Her breathing is certainly elevated and rapid. I will look at her pupils during the next episode. I was wondering if she was experiencing small strokes or seizures too, however, there is never any lasting damage that we can tell. The episodes occur about two maybe three times per week and generally last any where from 20 minutes to a few hours. I wonder if your right about acute pain, our other dog (Kaos) doesn't become agitated or upset when Sam is freaking out which is unusual. Kaos is usually a lightening rod of Sam's mental state. If Sam is upset Kaos gets upset etc. If Kaos can sense that Sam isn't fearful but in pain that may explain why she isn't reacting. I guess.... I don't know, this sucks. Its been 4 days since her last shiver, we'll see if it continues, My son has an MRI scheduled soon, I joked that I wanted to pop Sam on the bottom of the tray at his feet and have them both scanned..... would be nice. Sara
  2. I have to agree with Melanie, this entire thread is peppered with some of the most ridiculous and stunningly prejudiced statements I've read in quite awhile. BSL is such a pathetic bandaid for a serious problem and I feel awful for the breed, never mind the entire race that is being condemned alongside the bully breeds. Sad. Sara
  3. Hi Every one I am hoping some one may recognize these symptoms and offer words of help. We have a vet appointment booked for next week (earliest we could get in). My Sam (Shep/Collie/Rottie/Hound...seriously!) has always been a one person kind of dog and very strongly bonded to me. In the last three weeks she has begun having these "episodes". She will find my husband or me and cozy right up close to us (ie: on our feet if we are sitting or standing) or climb right into our laps and will be shaking violently. She will not stop shaking even if we take her to another room of the house and pet and try to calm her using the calming techniques we were taught by our behaviourist. There is no trigger that we can see or situation that brings it on that is consistently the same. It is also very odd that when I am in the house and accessible that she will seek out my husband and spend hours glued to him or spend a long extended time outdoors in the backyard just standing. (She is a very slim dog, whippet like, with very little coat and it is usually well below zero around here. We are wondering if these could be a type of seizure or perhaps if she is experiencing dementia and becomes frightened and doesn't remember where she is or what is going on..... Could this be any thing else that you can think of? I am very frightened and not ready yet to lose my girl. She is 10 years old (doesn't seem old enough yet for mental deterioration), in really decent shape (Approx 50 lbs and up to my knees in height) and fed Canidae with either EVO red meat mixed in or California Naturals Herring and Sweet Potatoe with a daily fish oil capsule, vitamin E and Gluc/Cond/Msm. I hate to think of her being this terrified that all she can do is shake and I have resorted to giving her benadryl/ antihistamines to dope her up and relax her. Any ideas welcome. Sara
  4. To die in loving arms when the time comes is the best that any one can hope for. Thank you so much for taking care of that sweet little girl. Sara
  5. I actually love this yearly discussion... it always amuses me and I adore watching the tangents occur. I think the best part is watching the people who were new the year before try to help the newbies and ending up getting told off and lumped in with the rest of the pack as Know-it-alls. Ahhh the circle of life, Hakuna Mata indeed. Sara
  6. We give the girls the Webber liquid GLuc/Chond/Msn... seems to do the trick. It is usually about $22/bottle but goes on sale frequently enough that I can usually get it for $11 and just stock up. It tastes/smells like tangerine and the girls love the flavour so I have no trouble getting it into them, plus I can buy it at Shoppers drugmart or Pharma plus and its right handy.
  7. My mystery mutt Kaos (we think BC x ? the trainer thought BC x Kelpie, could be BC x lab, BC x ACD...meh) has a natural outrun, flanks beatifully, finds the balance point etc... on dogs. I had some friends who were stock dog knowledgeable that were fairly impressed with her. They suggested bringing her to stock to see if it played out. Well she was 6 at that point and had been heavily pet-ified by me NOT to herd dogs or anything so when we went she ate poop, played with the shadows on the ground (OCD issues) and basically acted like a goof. The trainer was very kind and said that I shouldn't waste our time by trying anymore and to just enjoy her, which I do. I know nothing of stock work except that if its not stock how can you presume to know what the dog WILL do on stock? Wouldn't it be like saying "Wow, look at that kid direct that bumpercar... betcha he'll be a formula one driver !" Sara
  8. You say you are medicating her before you go anywhere. Is it possible that she is feeling somewhat loopy or not quite herself and is therefore reacting this way? Do you give her gravol or something like that ? My Sam gets carsick (she finally grew out of it at age 10 phew) and when I used to give her gravol she became so "Stoned" that she would become even more anxious and more likely to throw up or behave like a fruitcake. I found that repeated small trips with fun things in the car that they like (for Sam is was food strangely enough, for Kaos it was a favourite toy) helped to dispel all of their anxiety. Likewise a really good gingersnap cookie or 20 before the ride went along way to settling their tummies. Sara
  9. I'm one of the people, who always reads this forum with the intention to help if I physically can (ie: in my area). I have actually really dreaded coming here to see the myriad posts with horrendous death day vigils etc... frankly it was more than numbing... We all know these dogs are in desperate need, but when nothing can be done it becomes such an exercise in frustration that I actually end up avoiding the forum. Which is a shame. I think Eileen's Guidelines sound great and if they help clear up some of the static that has been fuzzing up the boards, so much the better. Sara
  10. I'm so sorry for you and your family. I remember very well, when you bought your "new" house and welcomed the addition of buddy. You helped to restore my faith in humanity. I'm glad that when it was his time to pass, he did so in loving arms, its all any of us can hope for. Sara
  11. I'm so sorry to hear this. PLease give her some hugs and cuddles from us. Sara
  12. kaos

    Red Dog

    I'm so sorry for your loss Sheena. You did an amazing job of relaying his Brigg-ness to us. Sara
  13. I have been following this thread with a lump in my throat. I am sending loving, warm thoughts out to you and RD. Its horrible trying to find clarity in emotional issues isn't it? I never know if I can trust my decisions, but in the end it always works out for the best. Sara
  14. Hey RDM My mystery mutt Sam is a puppy humper too. She is either really fabulous with puppies, ie: appropriate play, gentle, kind etc or rolls them and humps them.... not really sure why some are spared and some aren't. We tend to avoid puppies to save me the analytical pain. S
  15. So you caught my interest with that one.... when you say molest... do you mean molest -molest or do you mean over enthusiastically loving on puppies? S
  16. Sending web kisses to the old man!
  17. I'm so sorry Julie, how awful for poor little larkie. All our best thoughts and wishes are pouring out of Canada. Sara
  18. Yes Thanks Eileen, My Kaos moves almost identically to the dysplastic dog aswell. I found it really interesting to see the break down in movement. Sara
  19. She is gorgeous and I'm not just saying that because her face is the spitting image of my darling Kaos. I'm so glad you can show her what true commitment and kindness are, well done! Sara
  20. Wow, its just like old times isn't it? Big emergency, everyone rushes to help, lots of attention and sympathy and then POOF its okay, no real problem! Its a time warp. Sara
  21. You may want to post this in the livestock, or training sections above the general section for knowledgable answers from the people who use their dogs for stockwork. Sara
  22. Do you automatically reach to pat her hind end when she asks for a pet? I am just wondering if she is maybe in pain and unwilling to be touched in a sore spot. My kaos would run until her pads were bloody and never volunteer to stop, yet had the worst hip dysplasia that caused her to appear aggressive towards our other dog... we found out , finally, that she was simply in pain, I would probably see the vet and make sure there isn't an injury to her bosy that you may not be aware of, ie:spine, legs, neck etc..... Sara
  23. LOL, I bet Larky beats the stuffing out of Pip every time... She just seems to exude adorable evilness. He seems like he would love a strong woman and is probably very willing to keep taking it.... Am i right or Way off? sara
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