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  1. Hi Every one, Thank you so much for the replies. She is my heart dog and has pulled me kicking and screaming through some very difficult times. Don't worry I wasn't writing her off, I was just terrified that she was having clusters and not recovering very fast. My MIL's dog went from one now and then to constant uncontrollable clusters...so I guess that is why my mind went to doom and gloom. We are still waiting on the blood results but my vet seems inclined to place her on phenobarb if she seizes again within a month's time. Thanks for the tip about the ice cream, I will keep some on hand in the future (have to keep it hidden from the Dh and kids) She wouldn't even lick a bit of peanut butter I tried to give her, she is a phenomenal food hound so that was a major red flag for me. I live in Ontario, Canada and am pretty sure Walmart charges a lot more for prescription fees, I will certainly check it out. I wish we could get a prescription filled at the pharmacy, Kaos (our BC mix) is on Clomipramine which at $37 dollars for 60 tablets and two tab twice a day is an expense I would love to be able to buy bulk. Why wasn't I born rich instead of beautiful? (snerk) I am really hoping that Sammy's seizures are caused by something relatively easy to fix, she has been through enough in her life (Ex research dog at the University of Guelph) ... she deserves a gentle and worry free retirement! She is finally almost back to normal, walking properly and her eyes are sentient again. She is still off her food but I am going to grab some nice meaty lamby bones for her and see if we can't tempt her hound side to dive in. Thanks for all the support, you guys are wonderful, I knew I could count on you all. Sara
  2. Hi Fellow BC Board members, My sammy dog (pure mutt with a fraction of BC) had a series of small seizures last night and was still "punchdrunk" today. We have been in to the vet and and done blood work this afternoon. She is not on any seizure meds, she has been like this before but we just assumed she was having a little dementia episode or was frightened of something (she has severe SA and anxiety) I feel like an absolute ass. I wondered if that is what it had been but let others talk me out of it. Not for the dogs sake but for the family wallets. She has started eating again now and her eyes have cleared up. I guess I am just really scared that this is a signal of the end. She is 12 this august and is in fabulous health, fit and trim. Sorry to dump it on here, I guess I just needed to tell people who would understand. She is my best friend, and we had agreed that she had to live to atleast 15 or 17...she isn't one to break a solid deal. Any one else faced this sort of thing with a senior pet? Sara
  3. Why has this become an anti female thing? I find it strange that gender is entering into this argument. It seems to be a default when the arguer no longer has any reasonable ground to stand on. People are not concerned because a male is giving dangerous advice, they are concerned because a poster has given dangerous advice. To resort to misogyny simply reflects poorly on the prejudicial party. Sara
  4. Thanks Sue R. It seems like a strange situation though. Why wouldn't the government instead pay to help them get set up in a niche market that needs more supply? To have the land standing empty and not producing is illogical when there are other crops to be had. Am I missing something pertinent? Sara
  5. Warning Tangent! Could some one explain what the farm subsidy to not farm is all about please? Why is the government paying people not to farm? Sara
  6. I'm dealing with it too. Our last big blow up cost over $300 for the emergency vet and poor old Sam is now known as Frankensammy. Her scars run in to each other from previous altercations. The girls are now separated at all times. The see each other only for walks when each can be walked by a separate person. Kaos is on Clomicalm and we are continuing her behavioural modifications but I don't really forsee any success. She is who she is and it is actually much less stressful to have them separated at all times rather than going through my day half a$$ed because I always have my eye on them. I feel for you and wish you luck. It sucks and it doesn't do any good laying blame. Love them for what who and what they are and try to avoid the triggers. Sara
  7. I am curious how all these opportunities came about. I am a writer and an editor and finding a willing publisher is da^n hard work. I am thoroughly jealous. Let me know if you need a ghost writer. Sara
  8. Hi Folks, Kaos is currently on 25mg morning and night so 50 mg/day. She is 50# and I was wondering how high up the dosage ladder other people's dogs were. We are seeing some wonderful results and I think that after a month and half she has reached her full reaction to them. She has calmed down quite a bit and is definitely less anxious. I was hoping we could increase her dosage some more and obivously will be speaking to the vet about this. But I thought I would poll you lovely folks first to get an idea of what you are doing and have seen results with. Thanks in advance, Sara
  9. I think that for me, the big issue with cosmetic alteration justification is that it is the owner justifying it, not the dog. Someone mentioned using cosmetics to enhance their appearance and that is fine because it is the individual's choice. With a dog, they are simply at the whim of their owners sometimes frivolous desires. I have multiple piercings in my ears and have had several mishaps with glue and skin and hair. I can tell you that being stuck at a cottage with your ear fastened to the hair and skin in an unnatural shape is actually very irritating and that yes you do get used to it while you wait during the drive to the hospital and sit in emerg. But that I only had myself to blame. The poor dog doesn't have the choice. The things owners do to their dogs always surprises me. I don't know why we are so stuck on aesthetics, I kinda like knowing that the dog is happy in their own skin an not experiencing any of the foolish insecurities that we impose on ourselves. Sara
  10. I have been here for quite awhile and have to say that the boards are very congenial these days. There used to be some pretty awe inspiring flame wars. I actually credit these boards with learning how to maintain perspectve. Annonymous people can say anything they want from behind their keyboards. Only you can let them bug you. This discussion does come around every year at this time. We could set our DaylightSavings time watches by it. We are all a bit cabin feverey and needing to pass on the foul moods. In another month spring will hit, every one will be outside playing with the pups and the mood will switch again. Sara
  11. Does any one here read these? I find the bolding and different coloured titles underlined and exagerated to be very distracting and just don't read them. Which is a shame as I assume there might be some interesting information inside. Sara
  12. That is fabulous news. Just you and a whole passle of fellas huh? Sara
  13. Congrats! Glad all the fellas are getting along and playing nicely. Sara
  14. When I first brought my rescued laboratory dog home.. she had no clue about most things in a house. She ended up licking the hot inside part of the oven door when I was trying to rotate a lasagna... picture me running around after a really freaked out dog with ice cubes melting in my hand trying to apply them to her poor singed little tongue.... It is still black at the tip... for the life of us... we can't remember if it was black before or just after the mishap. S.
  15. kaos


    Great post Julie! Sara
  16. I love that the little white one is always wrestling with a sibling. They look so cute and healthy, good for Jasmine on doing such a great job. I have had breast infections and they suck large! (pardon the pun... couldn't help myself) Give Jasmine a good snuggle for me and if I remember correctly warm compresses, hot baths and cabbage leaves were supposed to provide relief.... but didn't do enough. Sara
  17. Having been on these boards for so many years and seeing lots of people come an ago, I have to say that there is a really big hole left when Mr Snappy/RDM isn't around. Any one know when she is coming back? I miss her sage advice and common sense wisdom, not to mention her twisted sense of humour. Sara
  18. Mojo coming from the escarpement. Give Texie some scruffles from us and perhaps some peanut butter to take his mind off the irritation. Sara
  19. I have had nothing but fabulous results with breed specific rescue and I wanted to point out that it should be obvious that people do not seek out information in quite the same obsessive manner when there is a good thing as when there is a challenge. Of course there are stories of dogs that have some issues more often than not. It is because we can only say... ooooh my doggy came to me today with a perfect recall AGAIN.... so many times, it doesn't really generate a lot of discussion. Frankly I think it is silly to assume a discussion board is all doom and gloom. If you were to actually read the threads and understand you would see the eternal optimism and positive nature of the stories and responses. People come on and talk about their dog having "issues" which may be no more challenging than learning how to stop them from eating poop or being reactive to sound. Both training issues and not signs of significant problems. ALL dogs have quirks and issues just ask the 8 week old pup we trained up... she has been handled with love from day one and yet has her own personality quirks. The responses are generally kind and informative and basically revolve around teaching novice dog owners basic training theory and common sense practices that seem to have been lost in our society. I get pretty irritated by all the rescue bashing that has been going on lately and I really wish people with an axe to grind could come with a disclaimer explaining their personal "issues" and not paint rescues and rescue dogs with the same brush/perspective. I really hope that people some day learn to look beyound stereotypes and keep open minds. Sara
  20. Awww, how cute, she had guinea pigs! I love that they all look like furry little sausages. Wow, you are in for alot of sleepless nights, good thing nature makes the little frankenfurters so gosh darn cute! Sara
  21. I would just like to point out that rescuing a possibly BYB dog is FAR better than purchasing it from said "Breeder". When you purchase an animal you are in effect telling the breeder, not only that you condone their breeding practices but also that they have found a viable market, thus encouraging them to continue producing more dogs. By getting a dog from rescue whether BYB or not, the breeder has not made any money and may not continue in that shameful line of work. You speak with your wallet. If you are certain you would like a puppy and wish to demonstrate how delayed gratification works when making an informed and well planned purchase, to you son, then the board members may be able to privately pm you about respectable breeders that have litters available or are expecting. An interesting way to illustrate your current dilema would be to ask the board members to raise their hands if they feel guilty about having supported poor breeders in the past and why they now hold with better principles. Sara from Ontario
  22. There are several wonderful bordercollie rescues in Canada, whereabouts are you located so we can direct you to the appropriate ones? Please be advised that Herding is the only work a dog should be BRED for. We can do what ever activity we want with said dog but it should not be bred for anything other than stock work. A person stating that a dog is a working dog when it does not do stockwork is either uninformed or willingly attempting to confuse prospective buyers. Regardless, this is not a person I would be going to for a quality purchase. Dogs that are bred through an agility, therapy or dog sport program are not bred for the same reasons as true border collies, they actually work to harm the available genepool. I certainly wouldn't want to encourage the destruction of a breed that I coveted. They may very well be lovely dogs, and hey what puppy isn't mesmerizing and sweet? however, you have to ask yourself what it is about border collies that you like? Is it their keen intelligence, athleticism, ability to read their owners so well, or is it the whole border collie package? Temperament is fundamental to stock work and is a big part of a carefully balanced breeding program. Therefore to say that they are breeding for temperament would imply that they are not able to assess all the crucial aspects that go into the splendid creature that is the border collie. It would be like baking bread but only using flour.... and not the rest of the ingredients. The final product is not really the same thing at all. If you are not committed to buying from a breeder you may want to take a look at your local BC rescue, you may be shocked to find that what you were looking for was waiting there all along. Sara
  23. I find it really interesting that you keep asking for help and opinions and then jumping down the posters throats for not telling you what you wanted to hear. It is simply unrealistic to continue to expect that every one will be able to read your mind and know all of the little details you omit from your posts. There are several fabulous kennels in our area and they are very reasonable, the one we go to even gives free grooming for a weeklong stay. If you would like some recommendations I would be happy to share some of my experiences with local kennels. Given the circumstances you have described I would not chance it. I have a done that exact scenario and can tell you that the bloodshed and resulting tension was a fabulous downer for the holidays for every one. Thank goodness no children were hurt because of my mistake. If I couldn't guarantee the safety of my family members (dogs included) I would would have to find some other plan. Sara Ps. a nice present for the sister may be a prepaid neutering certificate from her vet. That way it will get done, the bill would go to you and charlie may have some of his behaviours nipped.
  24. I'm so sorry for your loss. Recounting your memories is wonderful way to share her with us. Sara
  25. I'm so sorry Jo. Lots of Ontario hugs and kisses. You were a fabulous friend for her right up to the end. Thank you for so generously opening your heart to a senior. Sara
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