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  1. hello, My houndX has seasonal allergies, from about aug 15th or so (ragweed season) till the first really heavy strong frost she is an itching, balding, scabby mess. It gets to the point where we think she develops a fixation or compulsive behavior and just keeps licking and licking out of habit... two years ago she ate so much hair that she set off her bowels so that they became so irritated and inflamed that she was actually paralyzed from the waist down... really scary! To give her some relief we had to get emergency injections of steroids and cortisone (I think it was corisone) $$$$$$ The poor thing just can't stop and help herself... We have tried numerous herbal remedies (which did nothing) and were just about to put her on pre-emptive steroids when we moved and I found that while she still itched it wasn't to the same degree... my personal theory is that we changed the location of her walks and she didn't come into contact with the allergen or irritant as much or as often..... from a wild overgrown field to a city park (although I always keep her away when ever they have recently sprayed for weeds or bugs) One of the things suggested was a fish oil supplement (which we couldn't use because I am anaphylactic to all seafood and could die if exposed to even a small amount.... worth a try though, the other thing was to grind fresh flax seed (keep in fridge to maintain freshness) or simply flax seed oil and add to her dinner... also all the usual things to prevent hot spots and keeping her very clean and not overly dry or damp.... I have heard that the feet are a great indicator of food intolerances or allergies, if the hair is pinky coloured.... perhaps a change in diet, maybe chiken/lamb and plain boiled rice till you find out what the intolerance is too, we tried switching sam to every kind of food on the market and found that Eukanuba and Iams seemed to work well for her (but she REALLY LOVED the boiled chicken and rice...... I think she kept itching longer than she had to just to get the good stuff!! LOL) Its awful watching them wreak havok on them selves isn't it? plus it gets down right irritating listening to the constant thump thumping of an itching leg ALL night long! Best of luck and I hope your Elvis finds some relief let me know what worked for you because they are predicting another long dry hot summer here next year! sara
  2. Well, today I went out again and left them locked in the master bedroom... so far no noticeable damage, although it is probably just new to them and if I did that several times they would get bored again and start trashing my room too! I have no problem scaring the heck out of them when I discipline.... their legs go shaky and they show total submission... (through tone of voice, body language etc) I have done the "on the back" thing and the "shake the scruff" thing my problem is the lasting effect doesn't seem to be there. Plus I worry that my son will see it and A) think mommy is beating/hurting the doggies Think that that is the way to act with dogs and that human aggression is ok Like I said we have done obedience training etc and they were crate trained when they were younger and also wreaking havack in the house ($500 in foot wear, a really good baseball glove, couple of jackets etc). I would probably go nuts trying to find the real cause, however, I truly believe that to fix the behavior I need to do just that. You guys are probably right, I have gone too slack in our training and need to re-intensify and start drilling them on the basics just to re-assert myself as the Alph- bitch...(a title I take quite seriously) Also I need to stop babying them at the other times.... I don't think I coddle them but stranger things have happened. the mousetrap idea is a good one, I will definitely give that a whirl...the only problem with going back to the crates is location location location, we have moved and our new house is although bigger than the old apartment, much worse in its layout I have no idea where I could put their crates! Last but certainly not least THANK YOU to EVERY ONE for the support I was hopping mad this afternoon and your replies and sympathy have really helped me out, I am seeing more clearly now (less red and rageful!) and that can only be a good thing. If you have any more good idea let me know I am all ears! sara
  3. Hello All I have a serious problem, and I am hoping someone can help me! My two dogs have begun behaving excessively badly! When I leave the house (even though I am a stay at home mom I still have to leave every so often) I come home to find that they have been up on the counters (literally up on a kitchen counter or moveable kitchen island) and have gotten into what ever they can find there.... today I returned to find that they had raided the laundry bin (that had a a sealed lid (chewed through) and chewed holes through my sons clothes, and been up on the counter and stolen the sealed grease tin and eaten it on our bed. I am soooo furious, and definietly at the end of my rope I actually had to stop myself from smacking them around in front of my son.... So.... Does any one have any ideas how I can reteach them their manners? I am torn between crating them when I am gone (this scares me somewhat, what if there were a fire? they would have no way out!) they were both crate trained as puppies so it would not be hard to do...but I wonder if this is just avoidance of a larger issue of their ating out? I would like to address their behavior itself, they are even jumping up to look on counters and tables right in front of me (blatant little SOBs), which I immediately correct them for but, the correction doesn't seem to solve it. How do I stop something that occurs when I am not around? (I'm thinking of lining all my counters with red pepper and letting the little jerks get a snootful of that... should teach them not too if it doesn't blind them first!) Plus is this new fall from graceful behavior their way of saying they are having problems or just something that may have been gradually building through a slackening of my observance of correct behavior? they are 5 (houndX) and 4 (BC). any help will be much appreciated and sorry for the language I am REALLy furious and seriously at the end of my rope. sara
  4. I was turned on to a web page called "Custom Canine" dog trainers. has any one ever heard of or worked with them? their ideas sound very intriguing. positive re-inforcement etc. Sadly they are not any where near my area (completely out of the country too!) But I would appreciate any info people have on them sara
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