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  1. Thank you, I’ve sort of being doing this taking her lead. Tonight we did 3 fields she heard a bike and instead of going back I encouraged her to go parallel then back and she seemed happy. I’ve organised a dog walk with the people we used to dog walk so maybe this well help!
  2. We have had Willow 2yr in Oct from pup. She is lovely and loves people and animals (well has started chasing cats). We both work and have 2 children (10 and 13) and my mum walks her in the day. She was golden bar a few chewed up things, she has a room and garden access when we are out. We got her spayed in January and then I broke my wrist, then it was Covid and as a teacher I was mainly home, my husband continued to work and I carried on walking her but avoided people (as hundreds of people started walking and buying dogs). We did basic, intermediate and almost finished advanced dog training
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