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  1. Will do for sure! Also, I see youre from Tucson and when hes bigger we plan on going on more hiking trips out there since the onces in maracopa county are smaller
  2. These are great ideas! The other day I gave him some deli turkey treats and he was all over it! We went to a park today and his recall was pretty great with the leash. He came back 90% of the time without a pull from us. I definitely practiced the happy recall then let off to continue playing. We were only calling him to come back and do nothing. So it does help. We also changed our cue from come boy, to Here boy, and that has changed his mood drastically. I can try the lay down! He sits very freggin damn well haha
  3. Thanks for the advice, Shlley and Ruth! I think that’s simple enough to get. If not now, when would be a good time to start making the connection that come means come no if’s ands or doggie butts about it? Like around 8months to a year or...?
  4. I really appreciate everyone who has commented so far! You are all really helping giving me a better idea of what to expect and not to. I keep thinking he’s a border so he’s gotta be smart enough and it’s creating a bit of impatience. But reading here is helping me realize its not so black and white lol I was thinking of hiring a private trainer. The ones where they come to your house or you take them somewheee and we both work on him directly. That way I can see what I’m doing wrong and what works best for him to learn and keep his attention. rushing aside, I feel like He’s being a bit stubborn lol there can be zero distractions just a wall and me and if I say come Koda! He looks at me and starts scratching the wall but he knows come. He was playing with a neighbor and when I said come, that time he broke free and cane. So he picks and chooses when he wants to listen. I want to find a way to get him to listen regardless. I feel that’s my toughest bet. Once I can get him to listen 100 teaching certain things will come by better. I love my pup though. He is such a lovebug
  5. Will do! I think I confused a video or two. I think it was an adult dog that got an hour a day of training oops! Haha but I think I’m going to hire a trainer. He does not want to listen to me at all. You can tell he is not interested. And even on a short leash, having him trying to take off to see a person who is literally telling me they’re terrified of dogs is not good. I had to walk in an entire different direction because he started fighting to see this person. And having him even after a perfect leave it and drop it at home to outside eating rocks and poop and everything he passes to the point of not even going potty is very worrisome to me. He even tried to eat cactus! I’ve sat with him outside and practiced things and he’s good for like seconds then acts like he didn’t learn anything. We go on a walk, and There is nothing we pass that he won’t put in his mouth. Even the tiniest of dirt and rocks. I can’t keep pulling him every second (and that’s not an exaggeration its every second. Every rock is a swallow item and I live in Arizona so there are lots of rocks) is making me worry. I know it may seem like I’m rushing things, but he is not safe and his safety is my top priority. These are basic commands and for him to nitpick when he wants to respond to a recall, even at the tiniest of distances is problematic. I have to be doing something wrong somewhere when teaching him these things. It’s not him it’s me! Also, cute photos are cute hehe
  6. That’s good to know, Shelley. I figured his attention would progress as times go. There’s all little subtle things he will focus on, he definitely gets bored. I was training with one type of treat and after about 20 min he was drifting I switched treats and he was back it for the rest of the hour. I know he will get the training stuff for sure. I feel like the hardest part is the strangers and listening with recall. He hears me but is not wanting to come when I say unless he feels like it ha!
  7. Thanks! I tried a diaper yesterday. He held it for 2 hours and then started the wattle and scratched at the door. His max was about 3 hours with the diaper on before he started showing hey hey I’m at my limit here. So there’s that. He is capable, it’s just getting him to make the connection I guess. And to want to hold it.
  8. I really do want to emphasize the fact my dog does not leave my sight. He is always confined to an area of the house that has me in it. However, I do love your recommendations with the leash and such. We learned the bad way to have him not on a leash. Thank God it didnt end badly. Mandy, Ive read your post! Me and you are very similar with our puppies haha! Are there any commands or habits we can do to teach? Ive used the clicker training method and so far, he has responded very well to that. When I tried to teach him to sit and such, it wasnt happening. But once I introduced the clicker, boom, he was into training. So any ideas to get him to stay at my side, and not eat everything thatll fit in his mouth is much appreciated. Also, what is a good, "recall" method?
  9. Yep! That is my Koda man. He is a little rascal i swear! What did you guys do to improve these issues, though? I feel like sitting and waiting for them to pass because he is a puppy is allowing the behavior. Which usually ends up being a bigger problem when hes older. I like the kongs, I need more of them. Ha! Hes got a good toy box full of dog toys, but I always get him something new every week to keep him from getting bored of them. Hes got bully sticks, pig ears, pull toys, balls, squishy things, soft things, you name it. He even has a little pillow that im debating taking away because it is his hump toy >.> He doesnt hump anything else but....<.< The following strangers I feel is the worst one. He could have been mauled because her dog was not a dog friendly dog. I had him on one of those 16 foot leashes and by time i got out, "is your dog friendly" he was right there in their space and oohhhh thank god for that lady. I now have since shortened his leash until I can improve this.
  10. Hiii again! While I am still looking for potty training help, (post is separate) ive noticed a two other major things Id love some tips on. The biggest thing is I cant get Koda to focus. Hes about 4 months old, so still a puppy! So i have seen little bouts of hyper focus, and then haha lalalalalala im all over the place. So example: Fetch. I get him interested in the ball and he will go for it! He will bring it back once or twice. So then I get to maybe the second third or fourth time, I throw it, Then he grabs it, comes half way, drops it then runs around. Sometimes, he pretend he is going to go for it then run off. I feel like its because he gets bored and wants to play with a new toy. As he gets older, and such, how can I get his focus to a task? Whether it be fetch, frisbee, commands, one day agility, etc. I guess i need more foundation for certain things? Im in between what i can do. Aside from that, his bigger issue is everything is dog treat to him. He eats woodchips, dirt, sand, grass, rocks, random garbage thats on our walks, etc. If its small enough for him to eat, its in his mouth and swallowed. I'm worried he is going to get sick. He knows drop it, and leave it, but I am constantly telling him this. I dont always catch him either. And my last big issue is that he will follow everyone. Hes got an okay call back, but it still very bad. He will greet everyone he sees, and stay with them. If they turn to leave he will follow them home or into their cars unless I call him. Which he will come back sometimes. Once hes going and involved, though, he is with that other person. What are some ideas?
  11. I have three different enzyme cleaners and they just dont seem to be working, then. :/ My pup has had 6 accidents today, in about a span of 3 hours. While I get he wont get it right away, I dont understand why its every 30 minutes that hes having accidents after being taken immediately out etc. Todays a rainy day, so we are inside all day and im really seeing how he is not getting it. He gets scared and stops but then 20 minutes later, hes at it again. Its so weird, hes perfect in his crate. He has had 0 accidents in there so far, he slept on our bed this morning for about 5 hours, 0 accidents. Then boom hes with me in the room on the floor and were playing, and I take a seat from playing and hes about to pee. I take him out, and I watch some tv and within 30 minutes, hes peeing again. From what im reading, this is normal. is it really going to be all this repetition for him finally to get it? Or is there anything else I can try? I love my bugger to death and I want to give him all the right tools to success but feel im failing.
  12. So to clear up a little confusion. My puppy does not have free roam over the house. He is either tied to my hip by the leash, or in the living room which we section off so he cant escape it. He runs in circles and sometimes takes a dive off the couches! lol So its not that he is too explorive. He is always under close watch with very little out of eyeball room. He is definitely taken out a lot. Im more concerned over the fact he may have just been outside, peed a lot (he pees maybe three times to completely empty his bladder) and then thirty minutes later hes go to one or two of the same spots for the most part, and starts his squat. Its usually never a big amount, so Im wondering if hes trying to mark or something...? He got into big trouble last night and it was almost funny. After that, he went to squat again, and before I said something, he stopped and laid down like, "you know what, thats a bad idea" lmao
  13. Hi all! I am new to the forum! I am in search of some puppy Border Collie training advice. So a quick update about me:I've trained dogs for about 3 years now. I was an animal control officer for a year and worked with many dog breeds. I've owned two, now in total border collies, an Australian shepherd, and a German shepherd. All of my dogs have been phenomenal in learning all of their commands, staying at my side, etc. However, for some damn reason I have had potty training troubles with almost all of them. So obviously I am doing something wrong somewhere and desperately need the help.Currently, I have a 3 1/2 month old Border Collie boy. He gets plenty of exercise. I am home on disability and have had him for about a monthish now. I have been consistent and on a schedule with him. He goes out with me every hour to potty. He eats Eukanuba (spelling) puppy food 3 times a day about half if not a little more of a cup. Hes a little stubborn. He fetches and goes running for hours. I clap, or say no, or say his name in a firm voice when he tries to potty in the house. I take him immediately outside and then give him a treat and praise him for going potty outside. He goes potty in the same spots, and others.He is crate trained. He won't go to the bathroom in his crate. Its the appropriate small size. He is only in his crate for two reasons. One, we are going somewhere and he cant come with. Maybe 2 hours tops. And at night. He goes to bed at 11pm, and will hold it until 6am where we start his hourly potty trips.Buuuuuuuuuuuut. He will still potty in the house. I understand it will take time, but its a little confusing. How can I mimic his behavior in the crate to when he is not in the crate? It will be completely random when he goes to the bathroom in the house. He will potty right after hes been outside. He has not pooped in the house. Its only peeing. Ive cleaned the pee spots,(with Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator, Enzyme-Powered)and he will still find a random place to go. Ive literally had this happen with my aussie and my german. They just go, even though the vet has cleared them. He eats treats for bladder support. Im very disappointed that with the dogs ive owned, 3 out of the 4 have these potty training issues. :/
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