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  1. No medications at all, and we feed him a type called Optiwoof. Have been doing so his whole life except for once, which was when we switched to Montego because of the puppy allergies... It is the Optiwoof puppy that he was allergic to...but when we cautiously introduced him to the adult food later...after Montego...he was totally fine. These are South African brands of dog food, so you might not know them very well, if at all...
  2. Hi everyone I am very concerned about my border collie, Mr. Last friday he had a fit in the wee houra of the morning. Convulsions, foam and stiffness of joints. Looked like he was temporarily blinded for a few minutes afterwards but the recognised us and wagged his tail. He also messed himself. Since then, he has had three more fits. Two last night thay were minutes apart. After the last one he started pacing and searching up on the dresser and countertops like his life depended on it. Didnt respond to us like he always does, kind of suspicious and didnt want us to touch or hold him...which is drastic since he is a mega cuddler. Slept after that for 4hrs and then VOILA, my little Mr was back! The vet is aware of the situation except for last nights episodes. Mr doesnt have ANY history of epilepsy and has never had anything remotely close to a fit before. The only difference in routine I could trace is that we have been feeding them puppy food lately (lockdown...they didnt have adult food when we went to buy...) Our other dog, a german shepherd x anatolian has had no reaction. The vet said it would be good for him since HE has a skin condition and is struggling to put on weight. I was mixing Mr's food with puppy food. Then reverted straight back to aduly after his first episode. Ran out of adult food a few days ago amd have been feeding him on puppy up until the day before yesterday, when he had his second fit yeaterday morning at 4am I obviously bacame worried. Then two more last night, minutes apart. Like I said, the only difference I can trace is the puppy food. Now, before you shoot me down...when Mr was a puppy, he had an allergic reaction to this very food, itching and scratching. I watched for this particularly when I started mixing his meals. No itches...then the fits started. Mr doesnt like to eat weird things, or dead things or even have his food mixed with anything other and his pellets...likes it separate (oh my soul), so the chances are highly unlikely that he would have noshed on something off... Could he be having an allergic reaction to the puppy food again but its presenting itself differently? And please can anyone tell me their own experiences? I am alone here on the farn with my thoughts...please help me. PS - I just checked the cabinets next to his bowl and discovered that a mouse has been using it as his toilet...its less that a foot away from where he eats and isnt a closed cupboard...more like a shelving rack for veggies. Cleaned it out and gave him a new bowl. We have been having mice problems...we live on a farm so... Could this have an impact, just by proximity?
  3. This photo denotes all the border collie confidence and chutzpah for me. Oh I love him SO very much!
  4. He has got a lovely coat! Curls everywhere on his back! My husband says he has hair like "an Italian lover"
  5. Aaahhhhhh! That puppy tummy! She's beautiful!
  6. Mr LOVES his new friend Blossom. And she loves him. They actually play with each other...of course he doesn't understand why he gets head-butted quite so often though...
  7. Hi! She's beautiful! I'm also leaning towards a boxer mix because of that cute little snout. I thought she could also be part pointer...but then her nose would be longer. Either way, she's beautiful. Enjoy her!
  8. Before and after pics. I can't believe they grow so quickly!!!
  9. Surrounded by leaves that I pulled off my Mama's rose bush...PS, I was sleeping, I promise
  10. Mr has grown so much in six months! Will try and take nicer photo's in the future, but just wanted to share these so long... The day we got him about 9 weeks Vanquishing his (huge) brother Now at 6 months...having been dunked by his brother in the dam
  11. Hi everyone! I'm Mignon. My husband and I are the proud owners of a six month old male Border Collie called Mr. We joined this forum so that we don't drown for lack of knowledge...and we want to give our dog the best life we possibly can. Currently working on his obedience levels (busy bug, this one) before we start training him with sheep. Anyway...I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself! M
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