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  1. Thank you for the suggestion! I’ve tried that but she can’t focus and just ends up running for the dishes clinking and ignoring any commands. She seems to not hear much else other than the dishes!
  2. Has anyone successfully desensitized a noise for their dog? My BC is very sensitive to the noise of dishes clinking together and silverware too. I’m trying to think of ways to prevent her from reacting so badly. She attacks the nearest drawer, counter, etc. by biting and barking. I considered having two bowls stacked with an extra special treat in the bottom one and letting her inspect them before removing the top bowl, clinking it against the bottom bowl, and revealing the treat. I also considered recording the noise to play throughout the day to get her accustomed to it. Does anyone have some better ideas?
  3. Apologies for all the questions, but what kind of things do you buy regularly in order to have a balanced diet? I’m thinking seriously of changing mine to feeding raw but I’m nervous about making sure I provide everything she needs. And how do you know how much to feed? I suspect my dog will have no problem eating meals if I switch to raw but currently she will go days without eating much kibble and then eat well a couple days before going back to barely eating anything. She is on the small side already and the pounds she keeps dropping and gaining show very easily. Do you incorporate parts of the meals as treats in training sessions? I also use food puzzle toys frequently to keep her busy. Are there any good books or other resources you would recommend?
  4. I’ve had trouble finding something my dog enjoys chewing. She loves antlers but they are very hard and I’m concerned about her breaking a tooth. Nothing else catches her interest as well as antlers though. Thanks for your input!
  5. It sounds like good genetics and feeding raw is the best chance at caring for teeth. Thanks!
  6. That’s a good point! the green tea idea sounds interesting. I’ll look into that. Thank you!
  7. I wish mine liked Nylabones but she ignores them! She loves antlers but I grew concerned about how hard they are and stopped giving them to her.
  8. Speaking of this, you may find it useful to make treat bags filled with a variety of treats so they never know what they will get as a reward and won’t get bored. Depending on what you put it in you may find it helpful to freeze the bags so the treats last longer and are easier to handle. My dog’s trainer does this and I found it very helpful in keeping a dog from becoming bored and also not overdoing any particularly rich treats.
  9. Yes, you’re right. I should have clarified! May I ask what you’ve found in terms of how affordable it is to feed raw? I’ve done some research into it and I would prefer to feed raw but the expense is a concern. Have you found it to be much more expensive than buying a mid to high priced kibble? I imagine (like people who eat better and may have fewer doctor visits) you probably save money on vet bills by feeding better quality food and keeping them in good health via diet. Thanks for your input. Your posts are always detailed and informative and I appreciate that.
  10. How do you provide preventive care for your dog’s teeth? Do you trust their everyday chewing will be enough, brush their teeth, provide special treats (greenies, etc.), or something else? I’d like to hear the best way you have found to care for canine teeth!
  11. Could it be that he has learned it is a way to get your attention? Have you tried using puzzle toys to keep him occupied while you aren’t able to focus on him? I’ve found puzzle toys to help a great deal. My dog’s favorites are the twist and treat, orbee snoop, and lickimat wobble. I also use frozen stuffed Kong’s frequently.
  12. Thanks for the help, everyone! I’m going to try to take up all the toys unless we are playing and also teach her to find. We’ve been working on scent training and adding toys in should add some fun in for her! I also tried the blanket trick but she ended up chewing on the blanket trying to get it out. I’m not sure what her fascination with putting toys underneath things is about! She may be getting bored so I will up her training time and see if that does the trick.
  13. Yes, I thought it might be her way of getting me to interact with her toy. I’ve tried blocking everything off but she just moves to the next piece of furniture. It’s like she just prefers to push her toys under things! In the last minute, she has shoved her toy underneath three different pieces of furniture but thankfully has not gotten it stuck yet. I only intervene when she begins chewing on the furniture. The chewing is only when she can’t reach the toy and she is struggling to get it out again. should I just ignore it and see if it is the interaction that she is looking for? I have to interrupt the chewing but I can leave the toy hidden?
  14. Anyone have a dog who pushes their toys under furniture and then cannot get them back out so they start chewing on the furniture? Any suggestions on how to stop this? I’ve tried spraying with bitter apple but it does not deter her. She does this over and over again, even if she loses her toy because of it. thanks for any help!
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