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  1. Still hunting for a local behaviourist this evening. Is there anything in particular that I need to be looking for to make sure i get the right person? Any particular certifications etc? This evening I tried the crate punishment simply by giving the crate command and pointing in its direction. He did go in the crate on his own nicely, but there was a couple of angry jabs directed at me as I closed the door. otherwise he went in ok. Heard some scratching at his bedding and he then gave some small barks every so often. How long do you think would be a good time to crate him for after a bite
  2. Sue youre last paragraph is spot on, this is the behaviour that I see, be it food or overexcitedness. Its all pretty much been dumped on me now since mum has become frightened of him, but if there is hope for this little fella I'm desperate to give him the training he needs.
  3. P.s. to answer the query about dropping food into bowl idea. I don't mind not doing this if people think it's only going to make him worse, over stimulated, over excited etc. I was just shocked to see how volatile he was and was looking for a way that might eventually make him more comfortable around me with food. I suppose my head is was telling me "how will he learn if he is never put I the situation" - hence the food dropping idea.
  4. Thanks once again I've been reading all the comments. Its a lot to take in but I so want Charlie to be right. Certainly the food is a trigger. General excitement also seems a trigger. This evening he started going mental, jumped and bitten when I quickly discovered that he was actually wanting to go outside and do his business. Usually he will walk to the door and bark but sometimes he does just start running around like a madman jumping over the sofas. When we got back inside he was still a bit hyper. I kept my distance from him and folded my arms, looking away. I gave him the off comma
  5. Thank you so much for the responses so far. Ive begun shutting him in the crate while i prepare half his food and then when i let him out to eat, I drop feed the second half by hand into his bowl. At least today that seemed to go ok if I keep the drop feed flow moving at a good pace. I get him to sit sometimes but not too long else he might lunge when he gets frustrated. When I got back from work this evening he was a bit hyper, jumping at me with excitement at first so I keep getting him to sit before stroking. However there always comes a point where the excitement seems to overcome him
  6. Its just me and my mother. Always had dogs. Last dog was Labrador. Everyone warned my mother to be careful getting a collie, hard work. She seemed committed as am I. Had Charlie from 6 weeks old, which I have found out was probably too early. I am a puppy novice and not afraid to admit it. Mother gave the impression she knows what she's doing. Never played any aggressive games with Charlie. Doesn't appear to be any physical issues or pain. From early on he never liked his paws being touched much, he might nip. Cutting nails was a nightmare. Teething and play biting was a hard time but eve
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