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  1. Oh yeah and she’s not house broken yet.
  2. D’Elle, thank you for the reassuring and insightful post. I’ll stay the course and see how we do. Gentlelake, yes there is a reason: we live on a working farm with three small children. As much as I want to have her out with us, it simply is not feasible or safe for that matter. Like today, I had to adjust her schedule this morning so that she was out for 2.5 hours, in 1, and out 2, so that I could ted the hay this afternoon. We have a small herd of sheep with plans in place to grow to 100 ewes to help supplement our grain operation. We have border collies in the hopes that they will
  3. Hello, wanted to do a puppy behavior check with you folks. Pep is my second puppy and she is nearly 12 weeks old. Wren was my first, she’s about 20 months old now and she’s turned into a great dog. So Pep’s behavior is what I wanted to check with you all about. I’m not sure she and I are bonding well at all – I got her when she was just over 8 weeks old. She’s basically on a 2 hours out, 3 hours in schedule with her crate and she sleeping 7 hours a night (I’m very thankful for that). So the behavior question: I’ve got her trained (with treats) to sit, lay down, and to come and stay. She
  4. I have an 11 month old female, Wren, pure bred border collie. What a great dog - smart as a whip, super friendly, very very sensitive/responsive, and showing herding inclinations. She has the classic border collie look - black and white, brown eyes and longish hair. I'm not getting her spayed for the time being because I want to explore the possibility of breeding her down the road. However, a few months after a brought her home, it came to light that both of her sire's parents were out of dogs with the blue merle gene. At least one of them was not showing, otherwise i don't think
  5. Hi folks, Thanks for all the help on my last post. Wren is doing a lot better and I feel like our bond is building. However, I'm kind of getting lost on games to play with her. Right now it's almost exclusively me kicking a ball around the house for her to chase and also playing tug of war. Both activities that I've read aren't the best for BCs and we are both getting bored.... She is learning names of her toys to bring to me and she is learning to wait until I tell her to go after the ball, but there has to be other things we can do. I've searched and read of ideas on other threads,
  6. Thanks for the re-assurance folks. And for helping me adjust my expectations. Two things here: first, one of my motivations for posting originally was to adjust my expectations (since it became obvious to me early on that mine were off) and to provide context for my puppy. You all have done that wonderfully. Second, I think I would have more accurately expressed what I was asking if I would have replaced the word "command" with "games". Meaning, ways to bond while still working her brains. Thanks for not being too hard on me. I don't think the head ducking is "h
  7. Hello, first post here. I've been lurking for a few weeks and since there seem to be so many experienced people here, I thought I'd see what you all thought. I've got a 10.5 week old puppy, Wren, we've had her for 3 weeks and She's our first puppy, but not our first dog. I live on a farm with my wife and two young daughters (she seems to really like our three year old) plus an indoor cat. Well I'm worried that I've ruined Wren. It seems our only positive interactions are food and play. She knows sit, come, lay down, and to wait while I give her her food and at the door to be let
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