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  1. Thank You very much for sharing your experience, it made me feel better...I am going to ignore her  and hope  this behavior corrects itself in time. .

    Thank You! 



  2. Thank You!!!! I am asking because I do not know.... and really appreciate the help. It sounds like I should ignore this and allow her to stay under the bed as long as she wishes even after the Vacuum is turned off. Thank You!
  3. Hello My 4 month old female, amazing in every way! Is very fearful of the vacuum cleaner... I tried now turning it on for just a minute , turning off, trying to give her treats.. associate good things with it ? and very limited exposure to the sound, a couple of seconds..... however, she first put herself in a corner, looking at the wall, then under the bed... it has been turned off now for several minutes, and still... I can not coax her out, in my cheeriest voice... with salmon? I am trying not to make a big deal out of this behavior.... ? Help please... do I leave her there, under the
  4. Meet Snickers and her trick of the day!!!! She is amazing! snickers video basket.rtfd.zip
  5. D'Elle Thank You very much for your time and very helpful information. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and expertise. This makes a lot of sense to me, and I am determined to do things correctly and in the very best interest of Snickers. She has easily learned sit, down, go to bed, give me a paw, and today.. crawl.... she seems to enjoy these sessions and learns very quickly with treats as reward. I know as others have said, this too shall pass, in time, though as suggested, do my part to help it pass. Thank You Again! I am so excited to have this puppy an
  6. Thank You for ALL of the great advice. I have stopped the can shaking ... had no idea that was not considered a positive. Duh..... am trying very hard to do everything in a way that will be the very best for Snickers... my new pup. I have searched the other topics concerning my issues... If I am out in the field it is impossible to put her in a crate, I can not get to the house fast enough. You have given me a lot of great ideas... I will continue to educate myself for the best possible methods. I am committed to doing what is the best for her, hope to have a very balanced social happy dog tha
  7. Thank You!!! I understand this is normal puppy behavior.... I am trying very hard to do everything correct, this has led me fearing leash work. The nipping at feet, hands, pants when moving... I understand.. natural for her... however I wish to discourage it... I have tried the OUCH in high loud voice...and the shake pennies in a can... however seems to maybe distract for a moment, then back at it... perhaps this just takes more time.??.. I appreciate your feedback very much.... She has a fenced yard... and we live on a 20 acre horse farm... we have been taking our walks off leash in the h
  8. Help Please, New Puppy, female 9 weeks old. AMAZING dog! So far she has easily learned sit, down, to lay down... and a fun game... go to your bed! She runs and hops in her bed! All accomplished with treats... positive reward.....however, I can not seem to get her to understand grabbing legs, pant legs, feet, hands, clothing.... is a no no... I have tried shaking an aspirin bottle, with a NO... it seems to stop her for a brief minute... however, seems now to be less and less effective. We also are having a lot of trouble on leash, how do I get her to stop grabbing the leash? snap on leash... et
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