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  1. I was there today.....with my pup....Mike and LouAnne were wonderful with my little pup. Very good experience for Morley
  2. Morley knew his name by the third meal......Now, He listens intently....and then goes about his business....He is only 13 weeks old. He does have a pretty good recall.....now if he will just understand that "leave it" applies to my wife's herb and pineapple plants.
  3. Morley's favorite toy is a Grinch toy. I have to carry it around or my ankles are his next favorite choice. He is only 11 weeks old.
  4. Here is an older post and another's thoughts https://www.canidae.com/blog/2017/06/do-dogs-really-watch-tv/
  5. So far, I have found no negatives for letting the pup watch tv. I know he loves to play with the channel changer. I will continue researching and post the results here.
  6. That's very interesting. Maybe I should research this some more.
  7. I don't plan on letting the pup watch TV. My grandson suggested it and I scoffed!. I plan on introducing him to stock when he is old enough. I agree with you at 9 weeks old he still has very little control over anything. Thanks
  8. Of course! He actually has slept though the night. Well, we get up at 0430, go potty, eat, drink, play, go potty again...lol. Repeat as often as possible...Our older dog, just opens his eyes and looks disgusted and goes back to sleep.
  9. Morley came home late Thursday night. He has adapted well. We are working well on Potty Training. Indy, the one in the pool, is showing him the ropes, so to speak.
  10. Here's my newest pup!!....Only 4 weeks here....Can't wait until the 23rd of Feb when I can take him home. I think his face reminds me of the latest Batman mask...lol
  11. http://www.draxenfarms.net/ Mike is a talented and patient trainer. We took my daughter's spaniel/BC mix out a few times and Mike was outstanding with him.
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