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  1. Thanks guys. Our jasper is desexed and he’s not an aggressive dog, he’s more so soft and reserved when he sees other dogs on our walks. When he sees my mother in laws dog (who is older and female), he is curious and friendly but also knows that she’s the boss. So I think he’ll be ok, I think we’re leaning toward a female pup and fingers crossed it all works out!!
  2. Hi guys, We have a 2 year old male BC and are looking into getting another pup. We’re lost as to whether a boy/boy or boy/girl mix is best? Breeders seem to be saying both, and I just want to make the best decision for our little guy. Thanks in advance for your insights and experience in this area. Bec
  3. Our BC is almost 2 years old and he has been taking comfortis plus since he was old enough to take it (our vet recommended it). In recent months he has vomited not long after taking the medicine once, we weren’t sure if it was the medicine or if he was feeling a bit off aside from the medicine as he was normally ok after taking it. We gave it to him again this month and he was fine but we have been reading a lot of information out there about comfortis plus (which is what it’s called here in Australia but is trifexis in the US I think) and the reviews aren’t great. So naturally we’ve been researching the different options and are baffled and just don’t know which is the best type for BCs. Firstly spot on or oral? And which brand? Advocate, nexgard, sentinel???? Which is safest for collies? Any suggestions and experience are greatly appreciated...thanks in advance
  4. Hi guys, We’re hoping to ask for your advice and expertise about BC puppies? We have a male border collie named Jasper, he is our baby and we love him to bits and pieces, he is such a sweetie and a massive softie, we just adore him and everything he does. Our family consists of my husband, myself, our two daughters (9 and 11) and of course jasper who is almost 2 years of age (and desexed). We’re thinking about getting a new addition to our family, another BC puppy but we want to ask for your experience in whether the boy/girl or boy/boy mix would work best?? Any experience and/or opinions are greatly appreciated, thanks so much, Bec
  5. Thank you so much guys, we’re so grateful for your guidance and support. Thanks for the link GentleLake, that article reaffirmed a lot of what we’ve been reading. Our plan is to set aside the Royal Canin DR21 dry good and try to go back to an elimination process. We’re going to start with feeding our little guy lamb and sweet potato and see how his tummy handles it. If he responds to a limited diet then we might try to start reintroducing things one by one to see how he responds. i just wish the vet didn’t immediately jump to antibiotics instead of doing a fecal analysis or a blood test or something. It seems a bit like guess work when no tests are actually performed. Anyway, hopefully his tummy will settle and we’ll get him back to tip top health soon. Again thanks so much guys, we can’t thank you enough.
  6. Hi everyone, We need your expertise. We have a beautiful BC named Jasper, he is 19 months old and a very happy, outgoing dog who loves people and other animals. We love him to bits and he is basically the baby of our family. Since Christmas time, he has had an on again off again upset tummy. We took him to see our vet whose opinion we trust, and he prescribed antibiotic and neo-sulcin to form up his poos and lessen the amount of mucus as well as feeding him solely boiled chicken and rice. His normal diet is a combination of chicken, white rice and sweet potato twice daily and some Black Hawk Grain Free/taste of the wild grain free kibble. After a couple of days of meds he vomited a few times in one day so our vet recommended taking him off the neo-sulcin. He finished the weeks course of antibiotics and we hoped that would be the end of his sore tummy, but we were wrong. It has continued since with some form poos but equal amounts of runny poos. So today we took him back for a follow up and the vet (a new vet that we don’t normally see because our regular vet has moved overseas) recommended Royal Canin hypoallergenic DR21. She basically said to try it and if he responds, he will need to eat this and only this for the rest of his life. We’re worried that this food isn’t the answer for him. If his tummy upset is due to an allergy there must be another answer, like determining the actual cause of the upset, not just recommending a plain diet of so called ‘specialised’ kibble. Jasper is only a pup and has eaten his normal diet his whole life, with the extra tuna, red meat in there as well and always had a very healthy tummy. At the moment the main constants in his diet are rice and chicken. From what we have read so far, the likely causes of allergies are usually the grain or the protein, so we’re planning to change to a red meat/sweet potato and grain free red meat-based kibble type diet for a bit to try to eliminate either rice or chicken as the ingredients that he might be allergic to. Has anybody ever tried a similar approach? Has anything worked for your BCs?? I know that nobody can tell us the exact answer but we are desperate for some experience based guidance from you guys who look at your BCs in the way that we do, and care for them like their your baby. It just felt like this new vet didn’t care and was all about antibiotics and vet recommend dry diets. Im so sorry about the lengthy story but please know we appreciate any stories or experiences you guys have had and so grateful for your help and support. Bec and Phil
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