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  1. I’m worried about my puppy. She’s 7 months old, I know she’s not supposed to jump high. When she’s excited she often jumps really high up, she’s jumped on the table, over large puddles on walks , etc. Yesterday she jumped up onto a bunk bed (the top bunk) and before I could do anything she jumped right back down. I’m worried that something will happen to her or that she will end up with pernament damage. Nothing ever happens to her, she lands on all four feet and then acts like nothing happened but I’m just worried. How do I stop her doing this??

  2. So Pixie will be 5 months old on Christmas Eve, which seems crazy. It feels like I only brought her home yesterday.

    She's actually very small. People on the street are usually really surprised that she's almost 5 months old, she's just so small! Not really surprising though since her mum was very small for a border collie. 

    A few days ago I got asked if she was a Jack russel terrier :rolleyes: And another person thought she was a greyhound. I always thought that here in the UK people would be able to recognise a border collie when they see one, but I guess I was wrong :rolleyes:

    Anyway, here are some pictures, since this is a picture thread:













  3. I don't think that a collar would do him any harm. You need to keep your eyes out for things he might want to pull towards (food dropped on the floor, for example). If you see something like that up ahead, start giving him treats and continue to feed him treats as you walk past it. It will be much better for you to distract his attention instead of pulling him away from something - and it will be easier for you to distract his attention from something if you notice it first. Also, instead of pulling him away from a piece of food on the ground - say 'leave it' and pick the food up. Take it away from him. You could use a poo back to do so. I've always done this if one of my dogs REALLY wanted to eat an old sandwich, I would pick it up, throw it away and then tell the dog to sit or do a little trick, and give them a treat. That distracts their attention and gives me a reason to prasie them for being a good dog. If you really need to pull him away, I don't think it would do him any harm, though.


  4. My first border collie hated being touched around the neck, and hated having his head touched. Putting on his collie was a nightmare.

    He was fear agressive and was afraid of many things. One day, he randomly decided he was afraid of men. That fear went away after a few weeks. Then he started to be scared of a particular wall in the house, for no apparent reason. I started feeding him near that wall, and he was fine after a month.

    He had his problems, but we worked on them. Some of them got better. Some didn't. I tried to fix him, but I managed to live with what I couldn't fix. It wasn't always easy, but it was manageable.

    I never thought of him as a problem dog. I thought of him as my dog. He was smart, caring, funny and amazing, and he is the reason I now have my second border collie, who is a puppy and is fearless and EASY. But she has her faults. All my dogs have had imperfections, but that's what made them so perfect. 

    Also, the harness. None of my dogs have liked harnesses. Have you tried using a collar?


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