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  1. So I have a 2 year old neutered male. Since the day I brought him home he has been agressive to certain dogs. As long as a dog doesn’t bother him he’ll never go out of his way to attack. He responds this was both on and off leash. Off leash is generally better. He socializes with many dogs and loves to play but certain dogs he wants to kill. We have another dog in the house and they get along perfectly, however we just got a new dog and he hates her. I introduced them in a neutral area off leash and that didn’t help. I’ve tried associating her with treats and playing but he wants nothing
  2. We considered dislocation, the abrasion is kinda on his left shoulder near his chest. There was amount of bleeding to start with. The vet felt all over and couldn’t feel anything out of the ordinary so she decided to treat the least expensive issue and then see if it helps. But so far no improvement.
  3. My family has decided that we will not be throwing large sticks for him anymore nothing larger than a foot. The vet gave me and antibiotic and anti inflammatory in case that’s the issue. If it’s not better in a few more days we will have to get an x-ray. There is still no improvement and it’s been a week.
  4. I find the best treats for our picky eater is actual pieces of meat or cheese.
  5. So on Saturday about 5 days ago we were on a hike throwing a stick for Kuvarro, my 2 year old border collie. The stick turned on end when it hit the ground and my boy jump on top of it. At first we thought it had impaled him but there was only a small abrasion. However he could only take a few steps before laying down. We carried him a mile plus out of the woods. He is still limping and does not have his normally energy. There seems to be no obvious point tenderness. Yesterday he watched chickens most of the day against my better judgement. Today he won't even get up to greet people he just ba
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