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  1. Hi @drharps , I have a post going about my 5 year old girl , Laika. She suffers from severe anxiety/ panic disorder/PTSD , and I'll be updating the post again tomorrow after we see the vet again. There might be some useful information for you in the thread. Hope everything goes well for you
  2. @D'Elle That's amazing , you must have learned so much and helped so many BCs! I'm rooting for her, and I'll stay in her corner. My biggest wish for her , is just that she will know that she is safe and can relax one day Thanks so much and will keep you posted Amy and Laika
  3. @urge to herd Yeah , the drowsiness is what I'm worried about for laika, I've worked as a councillor and I'm still in psychology studies , so I know exactly what you mean. I've also taken some stuff myself in the past and I think a TAC like clomipramine would work well for laika , it seems it initially block norepinephrine and serotonin , so it would give her a good chance to regulate her serotonin while the norepinephrine is blocked. Also glad to hear you found what worked for you I will definitely keep you up to date , thanks again! Amy and Laika
  4. @urge to herd Hi , thank you so much for your advice ! I've never heard of colmicalm , and I am going to ask my vet about it ! I'm slightly wary about trying Laika on Fluoxetine as it's an SSRI / prozac and I wouldnt be surprised if she suffered from drowsiness and diarrhea . I'm really happy to hear it helped Shosone was a happy happy girl !! You obviously saved her life. Thanks again , Amy and Laika
  5. Hi Gentle lake , Thank you so much for sharing , I hope your gal keeps trucking on and gets happier every day . I am going to search out that book now , thank you for the recommendation. I also think you're right , I feel like its alot more than just anxiety and definitely more up the PTSD road. The last vet we saw - who isnt my usual vet - didnt seem too bothered about it, so I guess you're right , start as we mean to go on and get the right help for her. If we end up seeing a vet behaviorist I will update, Thank you again for your help!
  6. Hi Gentle Lake, thank you so much for the welcome! I'm in Ireland , and unfortunately vet behaviorists are quite niche here and initial programmes are about 800 euros. However I completely agree, and yes Yucalm is herbal, and I dont think its working as well as something like Fluoxetine could work for her, a dogs version of human SSRIs. I'm bringing her to the vet this week and I will definitely ask about a referral for a behaviourist, its almost as if she is suffering from PTSD , like shes having flashbacks, the poor thing. And exactly, sometimes its like as soon as her she wants to explore or play , its like shes too frightened to even move. Thank you for your advice
  7. Hi all, Laika my 5 year old female collie suffers from mild to debilitating anxiety. I've tried to split up this post so it's easier to read and understand. If anyone has any experience with this or any tips we would really appreciate it ! Back story : I adopted Laika a month ago ( I'm very aware it will take her a longer time to settle) . When we adopted her we were told she went from puppy foster care, to the ISPCA ,back to foster care , then adopted for a year and back to the ISPCA. So its pretty obvious she's been moved around alot. Apart from this her previous owner whom adopted before- his daughter surrendered her back to the ISPCA- suffered from dementia . Its quite obvious she has been abused and it was explained to us that she can be quite nervous. She has been kept as a pet dog as opposed to a working dog Issues : Laika can be lying on the couch and suddenly sit up , start panting heavily and cannot catch her breath , as if she is having a panic attack. This can last for 2 minutes to 20 minutes, sometimes she looks relaxed, other times her eyes are wide. This is always followed by yawning and lip licking. She also does this in the middle of sleep as if having a nightmare and although she has no fear of jumping in the car , for the entirety of the car journey she will pant and slobber. she will also paw at me and wine for comfort. She growls at all men apart from my partner. Treatment : She has seen the vet and has been taking Yucalm for almost a month now. Although she has settled more I dont think it is helping anymore, and so Dorwest Skullcap and valerian is next . I am going to have her cortisol levels checked just to make 100 percent sure we are not missing anything. We have a routine of exercise twice a day and food twice a day . We are also starting some training classes ( although she already knows basic training and learns fast) so that we can work on agility in the next months- as she is happiest when she is out exercising. I've also been teaching her ''settle''- to lie down and relax as I'd say about 70 percent of the time she paws and gasps and pants, and I want her to know she will be safe here- but of course it has only been a month and it will take much longer to settle. If anyone has any experience with this or any tips that would be great , Thank you
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