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  1. Neither our Bruce, who we lost at christmas , or Bruin our new 3yo buddy are hearing any of this. Through winter neither would bother going out in the evening except right after their supper, 6,30 pm ish. Not scared of the dark, just prefer the sofa. If the weather was less than nice our Bruce would often not go out even after breakfast. He would drink noticably less to avoid having to go outside if weather particularly mucky. More than happy to go to the woods etc. Turns out our chaps easily have 14hour bladders tho we obviously don't rely on this and encourage them to go more often. Ble
  2. I would second GL that both people bitten were on floor with dog. Our old feller Bruce, pictured left, was a gentle well mannered soul but would get really agitated and nervous to the point of giving warning signs if anyone, including myself were to squat or kneel to be face to face with him.
  3. I like "fuzzy lurcher" tho that could describe the walk home from the pub. Figured it would be a Kennel Club thing. I'll stop now before I start ranting again.
  4. Loving the reminder of PIGGY!!!! Laughed and laughed. Our late Bru could be pigheaded at times as well. Off topic I know, I have been enjoying the repartee and wisdom for a while but have not felt I had more to offer. Down to business, GL tells of a friends 'silken windhounds' honestly no offence to you GL but who makes up these names? Really. have a quiet word with yourselves. I realise I am ranting but a long haired whippet is just that. Or will our BCs soon be ' Pie-bold slinky streakers' Apologies that my first post is negative, I don't think it is aimed at any of the re
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