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  1. I just checked my messages and I dont seem to have received it I am new to the site but clicked under the mail symbol and it doesn't show any messages
  2. Yes please that would be amazing! I'm trying to get as much advice as possible I love my girl and want the best for her she has helped me through so much and deserves the best
  3. Hello everyone! I am new to the border collie forum and own a border collie female named Aria. She is 3 years old and such a sweet girl but is very skittish, We have brought her through training to her akc canine good citizen certification but I could really use a trainer experienced in borders to help her gain the confidence needed to just enjoy being out and listening to me. I live in northern Massachusetts southern nh area. I am willing to do some extra driving for a trainer that is the right fit. I really hope to hear back I can take all the help I can get. Thank you everyone
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