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  1. My Collie's day starts at sunrise when she and the black lab jump on top of me to let me know it's morning. I open the door and let them out for a run , to do their business and some running around. When they return I feed them both, then after I had my breakfast I take the Collie ( named Bruma , which means mist and is a hallmark of our islands) on the car with me and we do the rounds of the sheep, which I keep in 3 separate locations. She's still young and not much help yet. At lunch time she has another romp with the Labrador in the fields around the house , then they both chill while I d
  2. My location is maybe the main problem in this, I live in a small island almost bang on the middle of the North Atlantic, one of the Azores, and communications are very difficult, it's a whole day of flying with at least 3 planes just to get to the mainland, so I can only profit from online resources and advice.That's already pretty big but of course it's not the same. Anyway, I'll keep trying to learn and adapt with all the videos, articles and discussion found here. Thank you! Jorge
  3. Hi. I have always dreamed of having a Border Collie and it finally happened , I have a bitch that is about 1 year old and although she comes from a working line she spent her first year completely neglected, she was a sort of rescue. The reason I always wanted a Collie was the fascination with the working sheepdog and the fact that I breed sheep and have about 30, and a dog would obviously help me a lot. The thing is, I have another dog but I have no experience in sheepdog training at all, I have a friend who is very knowlegeable and has trained lots of dogs, but never sheepdogs. I don'
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