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  1. I'm also thinking it could be his anal glands. He is showing symptoms of having anal gland problems. Would that cause him to limp though?
  2. My dog is showing typical signs of anal gland issues. Has anyone ever known of this to cause them to limp? He has an occasional limp which we can't get to the bottom of (excuse the pun) and orthopedic vet is struggling as well.
  3. He's had a bit of a sore nose which only recently came on. It appears to be improving but I saw that it could be a sign of lupus. Has anyone any experience of this? He has no other symptoms. He's happy, full of energy and has a good appetite
  4. He's seen an orthopedic vet twice. The problem is he doesn't indicate where it's painful. X rays of hips knee and feet are fine. The only other option is MRI etc but apparently that's not infallible and because we don't know where the pain is it may be a waste of time.
  5. Thanks. He shows no signs of pain when being examined though and doesn't show any other symptoms, that's the frustrating thing.
  6. I have an 18 month old border collie. He's not a working dog and doesn't do agility. A few weeks ago he started with occasional lameness in his back right leg. He walked fine on a lead, he limped occasionally on a slow trot but was fine on a fast trot and full speed run. He never showed any signs of pain and I don't know how it occurred. A trip to the vet resulted in rest and anti inflammatories. He showed no signs of improvement so he went back and had X rays which ruled out hip dysplasia and knee issues. More rest and anti inflammatories and he's still limping and has started limping on his other leg as well. He's full of life and is dying to get back out and running about. The vet said initially that VID_20181204_122935.mp4 it was probably his ilopsaos muscle but I'm wondering why he's started limping on his other leg? Anyone got any ideas or had similar issues??
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