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  1. Hi everyone. Sorry for the (extremely) slow response. As usual with Jax we saw bit of an improvement but here we are again... So we've solved the peeing indoors while we're out, we've now got a problem while we're in. Needless to say the Mrs is at her wits end but I think there's more to it. He tells us when he needs the toilet without fail no matter how frequent so I know its something else. I'm going to try the vets but I'm confident its something else. He seems to just shuffle off in to the kitchen a few seconds after you divert your attention away to him and we end up with a wet dustbin, fridge, table and/or tumble dryer and a wasted evening of arguing. Always in the kitchen; never elsewhere in the house. It getting to be daily now. I'm really struggling now. I can't give him 100% attention 100% of the time as I don't think anyone can. But it seems at the first sign of me or whoever else (moreso me) redirecting attention then that's it.
  2. It seems to be every day at the moment which is why it's getting so bad. He's never been off the supplements; he's on hemp oil rather than CBD at the minute though so not sure it's having the same effect?
  3. Hi everyone, not posted for a while... Getting a bit stuck. Jax is 19 months old and has been toilet trained for a long time, but quite frequently we've had issues with him treating the kitchen as a toilet while we're out during the day and it's starting to really wind my partner up to the point its causing arguments. Ive typically put it down to separation anxiety. He isn't neutered as our vet said he was a nervous dog so that might make things worse. I've never been 100% convinced. He suggested CBD oil but that's really expensive, he's had it though, and zylkene, and it seems to help to an extent but then after a time we end up back at square one. Occasionally he'll do it when we're in the living room as well but not speaking to him, but that's only extremely rare. The last few days I've noticed him start going after cars again occasionally as well when walking. He gets two walks a day rain or shine and on days we work a bit later someone always comes in to walk him to break the day. I'm really stuck here everyone so any pearls of wisdom would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  4. Thanks both. No he hasn't been neutured yet, just started looking in to getting it sorted. Had considered UTI, will definitely get it looked in to. Feel like it is behavioural though as he only does it when we're not looking. Any other reasons you could think of?
  5. Hi all, Long-time lurker, first time poster! My male tri-colour, Jax, is around about 10 months old now and has been house trained since I'd say around 3 months. However, over the last few weeks he's started to mark indoors. Specifically he's only marking in the kitchen and only in three locations - the bin (least frequent), up the side of the tumble dryer, and on the patio doors at the back (most frequent). Nothing has changed over the past few weeks in terms of introductions to the kitchen which may have initiated this behavior but it's getting more frequent; he's also only doing it when he knows we aren't watching so it's been hard if not impossible for us to tell him it's wrong. All I can think of is his exercise schedule has been a little different due to some problems in my partner's family, meaning I've not been able to get him out as frequently as I've had to stay with our four-year-old daughter. This was a minimal impact though and normal service is resumed, however the marking seems to be getting worse if anything. Has anyone experienced this sort of behavior before, and what solved it? It's causing a bit of stress with the Mrs so keen to get it sorted as soon as I can! Understand it's a habit though and may take some work. Thanks Chris
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