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  1. Hello from Maine! It's been three weeks since I adopted Lupulo and besides being absolutely delighted/exhausted with Lupo, I am very grateful for these boards. First time border collie mix owner, last dog was an Aussie x Springer (also a rescue, 3x returned to shelter before I adopted the mischievous handful so I thought I knew what I was in for. Ha!) I am loving the challenge of working with her...the 1:00am-wake-up-and-let's-play? not so much... These boards have helped me stay sane. So thank you ALL! I should qualify my claim that Lupulo is a border collie mix. Everyone is guessing Lupulo is a border collie mix, but the foster parents can't confirm (the entire litter of 7 was dropped off at the shelter, so no idea about parents). Think she's 12-13 weeks. I've had her for 3 weeks and she is growing like crazy - 19 lbs this morning. I keep bumping into BC owners who tell me she looks 100% border collie. She and one of her brothers are all black with white collar, chest, belly, paws, tiniest face blaze, little chrome around her black nose, with a freckle or two, and about 4 white hairs at the tip of her tail. The other five in the litter mostly black with a few white paws, thin blazes, no other white collars or chest. Most were fluffy like Lupo, but two with smoother coats. Lupo also has the forward bending ears, which occasionally flop up. She also gives me the more than occasional stink eye. Yup, doing it right now! Super-velcro-right-by-my-side even off leash...until I urge her to zoom ahead. Then off like a bullet, racing as low to the ground as possible with turns so sharp she sometimes flips over. Not a bolter or runaway, always looks for permission, always stops before out of sight and waits for me to catch up. Energy level has me thinking she has to be a border collie. Or a cruel karmic payback for some unknown misdeed on my part. Would love to hear thoughts, guesses. On the breed(s), I mean. (I'll keep examining my past for karma issues/misdeeds on my own.) Included two pics of the rare moment this creature is at rest while awake. Beach pic is 2.5 weeks ago, ear alert pic is today. I should add that she does nap after a good run or lengthy training session, usually in that adorable adult-film-star-on-her-back-legs-in-the-air-NSFW-look-at-my-bits! position. She's a classy girl, my Lu! Oh, and about that question... ummmm...where's the off switch? There IS an off switch, right? Thanks for reading!
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