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  1. Thank you for the answers. The vet said that Hairy is fine. He's gained weight and poops like an elephant, so I guess he's eating enough. I will definitely try the pyramid mat treats, thank you.
  2. Hi, I've got a 6 month old Border collie who is not very interested in food. He's never hungry before noon, but if he goes to the crate then he gets a frozen kong with kibble and peanut butter or liver paté, which he usually eats. After that it's a struggle to get him to eat and there are days when he barely eats anything. We've tried different kibble, feeding him in a snuffle mat, in a ball or by scattering it on the floor. He seems healthy, but he'd rather eat ANYTHING other than his food (including human food, plastic, LEGO, stuffed toys, a stick of butter from the counter, etc). We've tried removing uneaten food and offering later. I can't use kibble for training because he's not interested, and he often loses interest in training treats after a few bites and gives me a nose-nudge instead. My last dog was a chubby labrador who would do anything for a treat, so I'm having a hard time understanding this guy and worry about him even though he's happy and full of love. Maybe he just doesn't need that much food? Do you have any advice? Is this something that will change as he gets older?
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