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  1. he is not scared when waiting a dog. He just does not want to miss out on oportunity to play with other dog ( he does that with people too if they make eyecontact or say something to him, he just wait until they pet him then we can go on) . yes the smelling seems to be girl-pee related. He starts foaming and moving his jaw when he finds the good pee which doesn't happen when he is just exploring.
  2. Hi.I'm new here. Sorry if already posted, but could not find my answer. So i have a border collie (Spike) for a year now. he is 14 months old. He listens perfectly inside but when outside the smells are just too much for him. Everytime i manage to get his attention (eye contact) he obeys and listens but getting attention is a lot harder as you may think. He is always smelling and licking the floor on walks which makes him an unobedient dog when we encounter some other stimuli (bikes, rollers, skatboards...) I'm awarding him when he is not smelling around and looks at me but the problem is not
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