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  1. A lot of positive rewarding trainers suggest not using the crate because of negative association we have been using a play pen, is that okay and also is it okay to gently use the collar to lead them.
  2. Thank you, I don't take that as criticism whatsoever. It makes sense we have tried this approach before he just continues for hours and someone's when he's bored he will chase me down and bite my ankle and grapple me like a bloody wrestler..which is hard cause he's 18kg now.
  3. No I meant he is only out his crate 6-8 hours a day. 2 hours in the morning half an hour for lunch and then he comes out for 2 hours after work then nap then another 2 before bed give or take.
  4. Problem is I feel like he's crated far too often because of this and I worked out in a 24 hour period he will be out his crate 6-8 hours because he works himself up and becomes a brat. I would enjoy nothing more than an evening cuddle with my boy after a decent walk but hey what you gonna do.
  5. Omg are the behaviour pigs the ones that are like rubber and make the weird pig squeak? Our guy hates those too! He barks at them and runs round them. This is hilarious I might use some behaviour pigs.
  6. He has enforced naps as soon as we realise he is tired and needs one normally after being out for a few hours. Thank you I am despairing quite a lot because all of his siblings from his litter don't have this issue nor any other puppies we know or have looked after. Sigh hopefully soon. EDIT: I agree he is gorgeous, he gets lots of compliments.
  7. We are working on place as well as impulse control but unfortunately we have a way to go because after a while he uses so much focus to be calm he starts barking and getting cranky.
  8. Our 5 and half month is soo hyper he comes put of his crates after naps and is non stop even with adequate mental and physical stimulation he just ends up over tired and has to be enforced for a nap. He never stops moving and has too much energy I read in Barbara Sykes book 90% percent of border collies receive too much protein in their diet and need 24% or less. Our boys food is 27% however when I look round for kibble with lower protein its soo hard to find it. Anyone have success stories or any recommendations?
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